Shifting the Health Paradigm

In the current health paradigm, your child is always sick.

You’ve seen many doctors, and none of them can tell you WHY.

They just hand you a new prescription for the latest problem.

Name It, Blame It and Tame It

Anyone who has been frustrated under the current “health care” system will eventually realize that today’s medicine is not focused on health, but rather on illness.

Doctors are compensated for naming, blaming and taming the malady of the day.

After their estimated seven minutes of “seeing” the patient, they order tests, rather than take extensive histories and give thorough physical examinations.

They then dispense medications, about which they have been educated by some new college graduate, who is the pharmaceutical rep.

These medications generally suppress skin, digestive, neurological and other undesirable symptoms, such as rashes, constipation, tics and unruly behavior, rather than treat possible root causes.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Integrative Medicine

Imagine a world in which doctors are compensated for keeping their patients well or treating their patients instead of treating their condition!

Fantasize about your doctor taking the time to ask you how much sleep your child gets, the quality of his slumber, what foods he is eating, how much exercise he is getting and whether or not he has friends.

Think about how terrific it would be if your physician actually took the time to establish a real relationship with you and your family and was knowledgeable about alternatives to antibiotics, essential oils, herbs and homeopathy.

And one last thing… what if your pediatrician understood the power of the body to heal itself once its systems were balanced and working together like instruments in an orchestra.

Today’s Medicine

Today’s medicine views the nervous system, the gastrointestinal system, the endocrine system and other systems in the body as if they were isolated entities, rather than the players on a team.

Instead of understanding that the majority of the immune system resides in the gut, and that thyroid dysfunction can affect all aspects of development, behavior and learning, you get sent to a specialist in a particular area.

Root Cause Identification

We believe it is critical that we move away from suppressing symptoms and begin to identify the underlying root causes of disease.

We believe that the body is an integrated, complex mechanism, and that for the whole to be healthy, all systems must work together.

We believe that in order for healing to take place there must be lifestyle changes and not just taking a pill to make the symptoms go away.


The body seeks homeostasis if given proper nutrition, clear air and water, sufficient sleep and a toxin-free environment.

Each and every one of us is unique, yet the same.

Tomorrow’s doctor will understand bio-individuality and the importance of lifestyle in health.

With the support of a health coach to help families learn lifestyle changes, how to cook to keep everyone healthy, how to green the home so it’s environmentally safe, and how to reconnect with community healers, we can move from sickness to REAL health.

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