TStresswithoutwordshe total load theory of stressors on a child’s body is what’s behind one in two children in America being diagnosed with a chronic illness.

Everyone is asking, “Why are we so sick?”

No easy answers to that question!

It is the result of the total load theory of stressors on a child’s body.

Stressors come from lots of places:

  • Our biological makeup (genetic and epigenetic vulnerabilities):  It’s Not Just Our DNA
  • Personal lifestyle choices (what we eat, products we consume, activities we enjoy) The way we live our lives in the modern world:  The Cost of Modern Living 
  • Toxins in everything we consume from the air and water to food and medicine. Learn more about environmental toxicity
  • Insufficient sleep and exercise
  • Inappropriate expectations
  • Family relationships and events

At the heart of it, our planet is sick and so are the people who inhabit it. Read more: Sick Planet, Sick People.

The diagram below depicts six categories of STRESS.

Taken together, we call it a “body burden” or “total load theory.”

Fortunately, once we are aware of the individual factors, we can work on reducing them. Let’s get started!