Epidemic Answers is always looking to expand our community of parents, professionals, philanthropists and others who wants to help our children have a healthier and brighter future. Here are some ways you can get involved:

Getting Good Supplements into Picky Eaters

Take our CHIRP™ Survey

The CHIRP™ Study features the most comprehensive total-life child health survey available. By taking the CHIRP™ Survey, your child’s de-identified health information can provide profound insight into how modern living impacts kids health and how we can protect them from disease.

The Vestibular System and Auditory Language Processing


Your donation is vital to our ability to attain our goals of providing education to parents looking for answers about their children’s chronic health conditions and of doing world-class research. Please help us through a donation if you are able. We thank you in advance for your generosity!

Getting Good Supplements into Picky Eaters

Volunteer with us

We have many opportunities for those who wish to volunteer to help us achieve our mission.