BioSET for Allergy Elimination Q&A

Lauren Stone, PhD, MS, HHP, homotoxicologist, BioSET practitioner, and holistic health practitioner, answers questions about how using BioSET for allergy elimination can eliminate blockages and reset the immune system.

How did you first become involved with BioSET for allergy elimination?

I started out in academia and was finishing up my PhD when my children were born. Once my children were born, they ran into a lot of health issues and my career path started to take some turns.

My two year old had persistent projectile vomiting and my older son had chronic loose stools. It was difficult finding treatment for my kids. When we sought medical advice, all we were told was that this was normal and that there wasn’t anything we could do for them.

Feeling frustrated with the medical establishment, I started researching on my own in an effort to figure out what was going on. I thought my children’s problems had something to do with reactions to certain foods they were eating. I was frustrated in that I had three children, and all of them needed different diets. I needed something that would help to sustain them besides taking every food out of their diet that they were sensitive to.

For the short-term, this would be okay; however, for the long-term, the goal should be to bring the inflammatory process down and get them to a place where they can live in the world and be able to eat and process a variety of nutritious foods.

This was when I found out about BioSET. I had found a naturopathic doctor who practiced BioSET, and my children greatly benefited from the treatment; it helped to heal their reactions to food.

After this experience with my children, I began to take coursework in Nambudripad’s Elimination Technique (NAET) and then BioSET. I found both techniques eye-opening and decided to pursue them to help others with food allergies and sensitivities.

What is BioSET?

It is an allergy elimination technique that was developed by Dr. Ellen Cutler. It is a system that offers the opportunity to help create and maintain an improved state of health and wellness.

It integrates traditional Chinese medicine and acupressure together with contemporary approaches to applied immunology and nutrition. The BioSET system employs three basic treatments: organ-specific detoxification, enzyme therapy, and desensitization.1

BioSET is “a gentle, drug-free means of eliminating food intolerances and environmental sensitivities. BioSET promotes healthy immune function by reducing overload.”2

How does BioSET work?

BioSET corrects this energy flow thereby releasing the blockage and resetting the immune system. This process is called “clearing”. Clearing for a specific sensitivity helps to normalize the immune response resulting in a marked decrease in symptoms.2

What made you decide to practice BioSET after you learned NAET?

I found that BioSET was a deeper clear and that it held longer on the client because there wasn’t any avoiding of specific allergens for 12-24 hours. You can clear for multiple items at one time; it is more cost effective, and it takes less time. I also found that there were fewer reactions. BioSET allows me to clear multiple layers at the same time – for example, organ systems and emotional aspects.

What should someone expect after a BioSET treatment session?

A patient comes in for a BioSET treatment and when the allergen clears, it clears for good. There are certain things, however, like viruses and hormones that are always in flux in the body, so those may have to be re-cleared in the future.

A patient may also have to re-clear for certain allergens that he/she is continually exposed to. Also, with very serious or life threatening allergies, BioSET is not always 100% successful. For example, some people who are gluten-sensitive may always have to avoid gluten.

Likewise, I would never claim that I can fully clear a peanut allergy for someone who has an anaphylactic allergy. My goal is to bring down the inflammatory process for the patient, and in so doing, reduce the allergic reaction from something that is life threatening to something less threatening, like a rash.

How long can a “clearing” last?

For most clients, clearings are permanent.  However, the one thing that can cause a clearing to fall apart is trauma.  When my kids were young, they had been cleared for everything they were sensitive to and then when my son had an accident (he fell when a deck collapsed), his reflux returned.

I tested my son after the accident and found that his two biggest allergies, egg and soy, had returned.  Everything else remained solid, but the egg and the soy were suddenly a problem again.  To remedy the problem, I simply reset the two clearings and my son was once again, symptom free.

Is there evidence to show that BioSET is effective for allergy elimination?

Anecdotal evidence, yes, but scientific studies, no.  There are no studies in the scientific literature that look at the effectiveness of BioSET treatment. There are, however, some studies currently being conducted that look at the effectiveness of NAET, a similar allergy elimination technique.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence for the efficacy of these allergy elimination techniques; however, there aren’t many researchers who are studying it at the moment. Immunologists don’t know what BioSET is; they think that these kinds of  “alternative” treatments are a waste of time. However, there are some immunologists who are open to alternative modalities.  For example, some are using oral immunotherapy, which is something similar to the principles of homeopathy.

What do you think are the main things that are contributing to the allergy epidemic among children?

For me, I think it all comes back to our toxic world. Unfortunately, there are those of us with certain genetic differences that affect our ability to detoxify. If we aren’t detoxifying as we need to be, we are building inflammation. This is inflammation gone awry.

For some it is allergies, autism spectrum disorder, or PANDAS (pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections). For those who are older, it is multiple sclerosis or Alzheimer’s disease. Our immune system can’t handle everything.

What about nutrition?

Nutrition is so important. Keep your diet clean and make sure you know how to open the channels to detoxify. Homeopathic drainers are a great way to facilitate detoxification of everyday toxins. Eating more cultured and fermented foods while reducing grains is great place to start when it comes to reducing the overall inflammatory burden on the immune system.

About Lauren Lee Stone PhD MS HHP

Lauren is a nutritionist and holistic health practitioner who uses BioEnergetic Medicine as a healing modality. Lauren came to BioEnergetic Medicine in the search to heal her own children, and chose to make it her career after experiencing its success first hand. In addition to a BA from Yale University and a PhD from Cornell University, Lauren has a Masters in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. She also holds an advanced certificate in BioSET, Quantum Reflex Analysis, and is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. 

Lauren is a board member of Epidemic Answers. She is also a co-author of Epidemic Answers’ Brain Under Attack: A Resource for Parents and Caregivers of Children with PANS, PANDAS, and Autoimmune Encephalitis. You can find out more about her at her website

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