Curious How Our “Evening of Inspiration” Went?

It was fabulous! The Harmonie Club is a beautiful venue, and it was a fantastic setting for our “Evening of Inspiration”, which benefited our Documenting Hope Project. This is our research and media initiative designed to better understand why our kids are impacted by so many health conditions so that we can reverse the impacts and help them heal.

We honored Ken Cook of the Environmental Working Group, Deirdre Imus and Harvard pediatric neurologist Dr. Martha Herbert, author of The Autism Revolution, for their work in protecting the health of children. Dr. Herbert and Dr. Russell Jaffe will be heading up the film’s medical and scientific advisory board

Ken Cook wasn’t able to attend in person, but he made this thoughtful thank-you video for us that we are proud to share.

Many members of the film’s distinguished advisory board and medical advisory board were in attendance, including Mary Coyle, Patty Lemer, Donna Gates, Geri Brewster and Sylvia Fogel. The energy and excitement of our guests was palpable.

Don Imus joined his wife Deirdre, and they brought their son Wyatt. Apparently, Don wasn’t too thrilled to be going to yet-another charity benefit, but after hearing about our project, he immediately invited our Executive Director, Beth Lambert, onto his show.

Academy-award-nominated alternative country singer Allison Moorer gave a touching performance about her son’s autism in her song, “Mama Let the Wolf In”.

All in all, it was a wonderful night, and we believe we’re at the tipping point about letting people know that healing is possible.

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