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About the Nutrition and Mindset Video Series


In this curated package of videos from our 2023 Documenting Hope Conference, some of the questions that are answered include:

  • What diet should we follow to help my child heal?
  • What foods should we avoid?
  • How can I get my children to eat healthy when all they want is junk food?
  • How can diet and nutrition be used as a therapy for autism, autoimmune disease
    and other complex conditions?
  • How can I help shift my family’s mindset towards healing?
  • What are the top holistic strategies for reducing ADHD symptoms?

The lectures you will have access to include:

Thriving with ADHD Naturally: Dana Kay

Dana Kay shares her personal journey managing her son’s ADHD symptoms through the three-step approach of reducing, restoring, and renewing. By focusing on reducing inflammation through diet and addressing underlying stressors, restoring the body with specific dietary guidelines, and building strength in the body and mind, she highlights the potential for natural ADHD symptom management. Dana’s success stories of children thriving without medication and behavioral issues after implementing these steps offer hope and inspiration for families facing similar challenges.

Wisdom of Ancestral Diets: Weston Price Foundation: Mandy Blume, NTP

Mandy Blume encourages parents to focus on the power of real food in healing and maintaining health. She emphasizes the importance of making conscious food choices, avoiding processed foods, and incorporating whole, nutrient-dense foods into daily meals. She also shares practical tips, such as consuming broth for gut health, using fermented foods, and opting for natural alternatives to processed snacks.

Personalized Nutrition and Therapeutic Diets for Complex Conditions in Childhood: Julie Matthews, CNC

Julie Matthews discusses the importance of personalized nutrition in addressing childhood conditions like autism and ADHD. She emphasizes the role of therapeutic diets, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, low-salicylate, and ketogenic diets, tailored to individual needs. Through personalized nutrition plans and elimination of problematic ingredients, parents may see significant improvements in cognitive and developmental outcomes for their children.

Time and Cost Effective Strategies for Healing the Whole Family: Madiha Saeed, MD

Dr. Saeed stresses the importance of focusing on basic health practices such as real food, clean protein, and healthy fats for overall well-being. She advocates for planning and preparing meals in bulk, incorporating high-fiber foods, and creating a clean environment with clean water and air. Dr. Saeed also highlights the significance of mindfulness, stress management, and healthy habits for families and children, emphasizing gratitude, real food choices, and positivity as key elements of a holistic approach to health.

Family Food Reset: How to Get Your Family to Eat Healthy: Chef Aran Goldstein

Aran Goldstein shares his profound journey from culinary school to finding fulfillment in cooking with love and purpose. He provides practical advice on meal prep, encouraging setting up for success through ingredient prep and kitchen organization. Aran emphasizes the importance of integrating kids into the cooking process and reflects on the challenges parents face in making nourishing food choices, urging them to let go of shame and take ownership of their family’s food journey.

The Role Of Therapeutic Nutrition Interventions In Autism And Complex Conditions: Using Diet, Herbs And Supplements: Vicki Kobliner, RD

Vicki Kobliner emphasizes the crucial role of nutrition in children’s health, focusing on whole, unprocessed foods and therapeutic nutrients like probiotics and omega-3s. She discusses various diets for managing conditions like autism, highlighting the impact of gluten and the importance of supporting detoxification and mitochondrial health. She also stresses the significance of nutrient-rich foods, gut health, and epigenetic modulation in preventing chronic illness and improving symptoms.