Energetic Healing for Children with Autism and their Families eConference 2014

We are a proud sponsor of The Thinking Moms’ Revolution’s Energetic Healing for Children with Autism and their Families eConference 2014.

The Energetic Healing eConference 2014 brings together five acclaimed energy providers with broad training in many diverse energetic therapy modalities and a wealth of experience in working with children with autism and their families.

This conference provides you with five hours of cutting-edge therapeutic information which you can access without travel costs and after your purchase this webinar you have a full year to watch it from your computer.

There is a lot of buzz about energy work these days, perhaps you are curious? Tune in to this training to listen to the practitioners The Thinking Moms have chosen because we are pleased with the results we are seeing in our children. 

Energetic healing involves engaging the energetic circuits of our physical or subtle bodies to facilitate our innate healing abilities. Many children benefit from energetic healing.

Issues such as sleep, anxiety, digestive pain are greatly aided by this modality. Energetic healing may augment other treatment modalities beautifully.

However, energetic healers may also be able to go much deeper to the roots of imbalances in children with diagnoses such as autism and ADHD to help bring about much more fundamental change.


  • Tami Duncan
  • Heather Fraser, MA, BA, B.ed, CBP
  • Joy Del Giudice, MHt, CHt, CEnK2, Minister
  • Kelly Burch
  • Danielle MacKinnon, BA, MBA

The cost is $40, and you can register here.

Date & Time

  • Wednesday, July 16, 2014 11:00 am - 5:00 pm