We interviewed Mary Rentschler, MEd and MNRI specialist about family constellations. You can sign up below for the replay.

German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger’s family constellations begin with the idea that instead of originating in an individual‘s biographical history from birth to the present, dysfunction and suffering often relate to painful events in the family‘s past.

One may become “entangled” in the difficult fate of an ancestor and unconsciously draw unhappiness, failure, addiction or illness into one‘s own life.

The purpose of a family constellation is to reveal the hidden dynamic of such a situation and point the way toward resolution.

Family constellations address the fourth (intuitive) level of Dietrich Klinghardt’s five-level model of health.


Mary Rentschler, MEd, has been involved with family constellations since 2001. 

Formerly a special educator for learning disabled and severely emotionally disturbed children, she brings decades of professional experience in learning and emotional problems to her work with neuro-sensory-motor development and systemic constellations.

She lives in Washington, DC, and is a founding member of The Constellations Group.

Mary completed training with the Hellinger Institute USA in 2002 and founded The Constellations Group with Carol Heil, Betsy Hostetler and Diane Hetherington in 2005.

She has studied with Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD and Heinz Stark (advanced training).

The challenges of developmentally delayed children led Mary to educational kinesiology and infant reflex integration.

She has studied in Poland and the U.S. with Svetlana Masgutova, PhD, and is a certified Masgutova Neuro-sensory-motor Reflex Integration (MNRI®) Specialist and Instructor.

Date & Time

  • Friday, June 29, 2018 1:00 pm