We interviewed Theresa Lyons of Navigating AWEtism about strategies for helping your child with autism sleep through the night.

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While Theresa specializes in autism, what she has to say can be applicable to all children with sleep problems.

What you will learn in this webinar:

•    The 3 key mistakes to avoid when getting your child to sleep through the night
•    What TO DO so that everyone can sleep! You will learn a two-step strategy that you can implement immediately!
•    What common sleep supplement can actually influence the microbiota
•    How to shatter the 4 myths that hold you back from enjoying your child

This webinar will be right for you if:
•    Your child can’t sleep through the night
•    Your child doesn’t appear to be fully rested
•    Your child “drags” in the morning and seems to need more sleep
•    Your child was recently diagnosed with autism
•    Your child has had the autism diagnosis, you’ve tried many things with only little success and you feel lost
•    You know something is just not right with your child and are starting the process of getting a diagnosis and want to avoid making mistakes

Theresa Lyons, MS, MS, PhD says “My goal is to help you eliminate autistic symptoms/behavior in your loved one by teaching you high-gain, low risk actionable steps to improve the quality of all your lives.

It is not about changing who your loved one is—it’s about giving them a life without self injury and meltdowns.

The ability to sleep through the night, walk properly, and digest their food.

Doesn’t every person deserve that?”


Theresa has an MS and PhD in chemistry from Yale University as well as an MS in chemistry from St. John’s University and loves to teach the real, cutting-edge science of healing autism.

She is the founder of Navigating AWEtism and a frequent contributor about the science of autism-related things for “The Huffington Post”.

Date & Time

  • Wednesday, February 15, 2017 1:00 pm