We interviewed Janine Burnham Ruth about homeopathy for healing. You can sign up for the replay below.

Understand, utilize and heal yourself, and your family, with homeopathy!

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What homeopathy is, and is not
  • How to discern if you should self-treat or hire a professional
  • How to tell if the treatment of homeopathy, or ANY treatment you are using, is actually working to bring about true healing
  • How to find which remedies work for what issues
  • What is most important when choosing a specific homeopathic remedy
  • How to dose
  • When to switch to a new remedy
  • When to stop taking remedies

A brief discussion of other ways homeopathic remedies are used beside classical, and how remedies are made, will also be included in the webinar.

This webinar can benefit those interested in:

  • Learning about homeopathy
  • Seeking natural and alternative solutions to concerns regarding well-being
  • Understanding the difference between suppressing symptoms and true healing
  • Self-empowerment for their and their family’s health


Janine Burnham Ruth is a homeopath who practices many energy-based healing techniques including Jin Shin Jyutsu/TKM, Autonomic Response Testing, and Applied Psycho-Neurobiology. 

She is trained in neurodevelopment, all the major sound-based therapies, and retained neonatal reflexes. 

Janine is the founder and dean of Magic and Miracles University, established to educate people about the magic and miracles available in their health and well-being using energy-based methods. 

Upcoming courses include the Lessons in Healing free e-books series and Lessons in Homeopathy Summit.  

Date & Time

  • Thursday, April 26, 2018 1:00 pm