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The microbiome is a miniature ecosystem in the gastrointestinal tract, one populated by trillions of microscopic, non-human organisms.

These tiny dwellers digest our food, control our appetite, and regulate our metabolism.

These bacteria also orchestrate our immune system, influence our mood, and help determine the expression of our genes.

This inner ecology plays a key role in our health because it can affect multiple systems simultaneously.

Healing the microbiome can make many positive changes in your child, such as:

  • Reducing histamine and inflammation responses
  • Reducing the intensity of anxiety and depression (anger in many cases)
  • Reducing self-stimulatory behaviors
  • Reducing head-banging and self-mutilating behaviors
  • Reducing hand-flapping
  • Reducing pacing and hyperactivity
  • Reducing the number of meltdowns
  • Reducing repetitive and obsessive compulsive behaviors
  • Improving sleep
  • Improving coping abilities
  • Strengthening and improving the immune system
  • Improving sensory processing

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Raphael Kellman, MD is a functional medicine internist and author of “The Microbiome Diet: The Scientifically Proven Way to Restore Your Gut Health and Achieve Permanent Weight Loss”.

A graduate of Albert Einstein School of Medicine, he has, over the past two decades, treated more than 40,000 patients, developing a global reputation for investigating the root causes of disease and pioneering the use of functional and microbiome medicine.

Dr. Kellman draws on the latest research to address patients’ biochemistry, metabolism, hormones, genetics, environment, emotions, and life circumstances to help them achieve optimal health.

In addition to providing patient care and managing a thriving medical practice, Dr. Kellman publishes and lectures all over the world, advocating for whole-patient care and discussing his cutting-edge approach to curing illness through healing the microbiome.

Dr. Kellman lives with his wife and two young daughters—his greatest inspiration for revolutionizing healthcare—in New York City.

Date & Time

  • Friday, April 21, 2017 1:00 pm