[Webinar Signup] Water and Health with "The Green Diva", Jennifer Boyd, PAWater is something that we take for granted, yet it’s so important to our health! Many people are chronically dehydrated. In addition, the quality of our water has deteriorated over many decades.

70-75% of your body is water.  Bones are 25% water.  Human blood is 83% water.  Brain tissue is 85% water.

Jennifer will be telling us how water, or lack of it, affects our health.  She’ll also reveal how most water these days is of poor, even toxic, quality and how to correct that.

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Physician Assistant Jennifer Boyd graduated Summa Cum Laude from the prestigious PA program at LIU/Brooklyn Hospital after a career in international business development and an undergraduate degree from Syracuse University.

Jennifer has multiple post-graduate certifications and has completed professional coursework in Functional Medicine, Biological Medicine, Darkfield Microscopy, Biological Terrain Analysis, Lyme Literacy, and Organic Land Management.

She has also earned her Master designation as a Reiki professional. Jennifer is the owner of Boyd Wellness, a holistic practice for patients engaged in the serious pursuit of wellness. She is a sought after speaker and guest of national radio programs and contributor to various on-line magazines as well as a “Green Diva” correspondent.

Date & Time

  • Thursday, April 24, 2014