Recovery Is Possible

Because Epidemic Answers is a non-profit founded by parents and practitioners, we have some great tips on how to get your child started on the road to recovery.

About the Epidemic

Learn why more than one in two American children have a chronic disease or disorder.

Is This Your Child?

Even if your child doesn't have a diagnosis, he or she may be exhibiting "soft signs" of a chronic illness. Learn more.


Getting Started

Learn how making diet and lifestyle changes can start your child on the path to recovery.


Reference Library

Browse through our incomparable listings about biomedical information, as well as sensory and structure listings and mind, body and spirit listings.

Find a Practitioner

We have personally vetted each practitioner in our listings to ensure that he or she is qualified to help your child recover.


Free Health Coach Consultation

Health coaches are a terrific way to jump-start your child's recovery process.



Dig deeper into learning about recovery with our selections of books, research, websites, webinars and our blog.