Getting Started on Recovery from Autism, ADHD, Allergies, Asthma & More

How can I help my child get started on recovery from autism, ADHD, allergies, asthma and more –  from a chronic illness or underlying gut dysbiosis and immune dysregulation?

To get started, consider taking the following actions:

  • Connect with other parents who are in the process of healing their children.  Other parents who have been through the healing journey can be the greatest of resources.
  • Find a healthcare provider who understands this epidemic and can help you heal the underlying biological dysfunctions present in your child’s body.  Most providers experienced in recovering children from chronic illnesses come from the fields of functional, integrative, complementary, or natural medicine.
    • Ask your provider to order diagnostic tests or biological analysis panels. Often, providers will start by ordering particular tests such as comprehensive IgE or IgG allergy panels to screen for food and environmental allergies and sensitivities.  Some providers suggest ordering diagnostic tests that look at various metabolic functions within the body.
    • Ask your provider to explain the available metabolic tests (tests that evaluate gut dysbiosis, immune function, detoxification pathways, mitochondrial function, neurotransmitter levels, or other tests that give a fuller picture of biological function).  Learn more about diagnostic testing here.
  • “Green” your child’s life.
    • Eliminate any environmental influences that might be negatively impacting your child’s health. Learn about some of the more common toxic exposures in our children’s world and how to make greener and healthier choices for your child.
    • Provide a nourishing, “clean” diet for your child.
  • Learn about established healing protocols and diets that others have used to heal their children.
  • Keep reading and learning. Read books/websites on the subject of healing children with immune dysregulation.