Household Checklist

Implementing our household checklist can remove unnecessary additional stressors from your child’s total toxic load, allowing him or her to heal more quickly.

  • Have you checked your home for gas from carpets, glue, insulation, siding and cabinets? 
  • Have you reduced the electromagnetic frequency in your home and electromagnetic smog near your home? Is your WiFi turned off? 
  • Have you bought a Gauss meter to check for high EMF levels? 
  • Have you checked your child’s toys to ensure they are non-toxic? 
  • Have you checked for mold in the wall of your house, bathrooms and kitchen? 
  • If you have an old home have you checked for radon gas? Asbestos? 
  • Have you checked for VOC paint or lead in your home? 
  • Are you using dish soap and dish washer soap with mercury and/or triclosan? 
  • Have you changed your laundry soap, fabric softener and dyer sheets to non-toxic products without fragrances? 
  • Have you changed your cleaning fluids to natural cleaning products that don’t have chemicals? 
  • Have you changed your paper products to paper without bleach? 
  • Are you using natural pest control products in your house and attic? 
  • Does the wood in your home have arsenic or formaldehyde as a preservative? 
  • Have you checked for phthalates and plastics? 
  • Do you have a good air filter? 
  • Have you removed the compact fluorescent light bulbs and replaced them with LEDs or incandescent bulbs? 
  • Have you replaced all your plastic dishes, glasses and containers without PCBs? 
  • Have you installed a water filter to eliminate chemicals from the tap water? 
  • Have you removed perfumed candles and other chemically-laden perfumed soap products from your home? 
  • Have you checked your mattress for flame retardants? 
  • Have you replaced your vinyl shower curtains and liners to cotton or linen ones?
  • Have you had your family’s “silver” fillings replaced with non-mercury/non-BPA fillings?
  • Have you greened your home – toxic to non-toxic? 


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