Supplement Checklist

Our supplement checklist guides you through the basics; consult your healthcare practitioner for specific information about your child’s needs.

  • Does your child take an active B-vitamin complex to help calm down anxiety and support the nervous system? 
  • Does your child eat some form of protein in the morning? 
  • Is your child taking zinc with a meal to support their immune, hormonal and gastrointestinal systems? 
  • Is your child taking digestive enzymes to help with allergies, food sensitivities and leaky gut? 
  • Does your child need butyrate for the microbiome? 
  • Is your child taking a proteolytic enzyme for inflammation? 
  • Does your child take probiotics to improve the microflora in the gut, reduce Candida and yeast overgrowth and protect the immune system? 
  • Is your child taking vitamin C to fight infection and lower inflammation?
  • Does your child take vitamin D3 to help regulate the immune system, strengthen bones, protect immunity and improve the skin? 
  • Does your child need to take Phenol Assist or No Fenol to digest phenols? 
  • Does your child need magnesium and/or GABA to sleep through the night? 
  • Does your child need magnesium to lower anxiety, relieve constipation and open airways?
  • Is your child taking pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), adaptogenic herbs or homeopathics to support the adrenals and calm down fear and anxiety? 
  • Do you give your child Rescue Remedy for meltdowns? 
  • Do you give your child NAC (N-acetylcysteine) to help with detoxification, allergies, skin issues, OCD behaviors and as a precursor to glutathione? 
  • Is your child using a transdermal cream or supplements to support methylation? 
  • Is your child taking essential fatty acids (omega3s such as DHA, EPA and CLA) to improve brain functioning, calm down the nervous system and heal the skin? 
  • Is your child taking CoQ10 or L-carnitine to heal the mitochondria? 
  • Does your child take glutathione in a cream, liquid or a supplement to aid in detoxification, reduce oxidative stress and support methylation process? 
  • Does your child take trace minerals (such as a fulvic and humic mineral blend) to help increase muscle tone, regenerate cell energy, improve brain functioning, provide electrolytes for hydration?


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