Grounding Energy

Every once in a while we need to stop and just get connected to ‘mother earth’ by grounding energy.

Try hugging a big old well-rooted tree or taking a long walk on the dry sand or just chill as your bare feet relax on the cool grass.

You can actually feel the stress release as you soak it up, your anxiety calm down and your energy gradually connect to mother earth.

This is ‘grounding energy’.

Our children are especially in need of feeling centered and grounded because they are particularly sensitive to different energies and frequencies bombarding them all day long.

If life is constantly stressful, with lots of anxiety and nervous frenetic energy, then children have energies that will be fragmented, causing them to have much more difficulty trying to focus, concentrate, sleep, and be calm, happy and centered.

Grounding energy can help your child have better clarity of mind, improved physical coordination, feel confident and in control, have better awareness of their body and self and generally be more peaceful.

Here are a few types of exercises and techniques that can help your child begin to experience calming and grounding energy:

  • Abdominal breathing
  • Deep breathing
  • Guided imagery
  • Visualization
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Body scanning
  • Accessing root chakras (energy centers in the body)

Other additional ideas for children to help with grounding energy are:

  • Eating root vegetables
  • Drumming for an earth grounding connection (shamanic drumming)
  • Wearing red socks or shoes (red is a grounding color)
  • Running barefoot through the grass, on the beach and in the ocean
  • Taking an Epsom salt bath or dead sea salt bath
  • Using healing gemstones such as hematite, which is very grounding

Teach your children to always listen to their bodies because having that conscious sense will help them know if they are out of harmony with the universe and need grounding energy to feel connected to mother earth.


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