Mind, Body and Spirit

Everything is connected. No matter what physical ailment we might be trying to overcome in our lives, physical healing will move much faster when we integrate the mind, body and spirit. Whatever is going on in the body is always connected to the brain (mind) and to the emotional (spirit) side of our beings. It’s a triangle that works together. In other words, everything is connected.

It is important for children to create harmony among the mind, body and spirit because doing so helps them be integrated, grounded and whole. A “conscious” and “whole” child has healthy and sound brain patterns. Researchers have found that harmful and unhealthy brain patterns effectively cause the development of negative addiction behaviors in children.

Children can learn to clear their brains and mind of unnecessary thoughts and distractions so that their brains can function at a higher level. Opening up the mind will allow for more cognitive thinking, better creativity, increased inspired ideas, more interaction, improved balance, reduced stress and deeper sleep cycles.

Get Outside

Although there are many mind, body and spirit therapies available for children, parents can encourage their children to regulate their mind, body and spirit connection by exposing them to nature – the simplest connection in life. Getting outside is one of the easiest ways to help your child strengthen and find balance and connection.

Develop your child’s mind, body and spirit through outdoor play in the great outdoors. Moving and playing outdoors has enormous benefits for the mind, body and spirit of a developing child.

To start, locate natural safe places where your kids can play for at least one hour a day of unstructured free play time. A backyard, a playground and a park are all you need. Kids get creative digging dirt, picking up worms, jumping and laughing.

Here are some of the many benefits of outdoor play:

  • A child that plays outdoors is inspired and learns to be creative and have great imagination because of pretend play.
  • Children learn to work as a team and are better problem solvers as adults. They score higher on assessment of cognitive ability and standardized tests.
  • Stress levels are reduced immediately when children play outside because they are not bound by a schedule.
  • Children who are regularly outdoors are healthier and happier.
  • Children learn to be compassionate and develop good social bonds by learning to play “nice”.
  • Children expand their minds and get schooled outdoors.
  • Children develop superior problem solving skills with hands-on play.
  • Outdoor play dramatically improves focus and concentration abilities and school readiness.
  • Children who spend time walking or biking to school, playing outdoors or learning outside score higher on a wide range of academic ability and performance tests.
  • A reduction in ADHD symptoms has been noted when children play outdoors.
  • Playing outside protects kids’ emotional development. Kids are allowed to be kids and they let off steam; this way they are happy.
  • Playing outdoors improves a child’s sleep cycle. The increase of oxygen in the brain will improve sleep patterns.
  • Sunshine provides vitamin D, necessary for proper immune function.
  • Children that play outside have stronger muscles and build stronger bones.
  • Running around outside helps a child maintain a healthy weight and avoid obesity while having healthier hearts and better eyesight.
  • Nature brings out more social feelings, desire for community and close relationships.
  • Being outdoors makes children more creative and more inspired.
  • Your child’s next prescription to heal their mind, body and spirit: nature.

We believe that schools should be built next to wooded areas and used for educational purposes.

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