Sophia: Colic RecoveryRead about how Karen eliminated colic in her baby Sophia below.

Sophia was born full term with an APGAR score of 10.

She seemed perfect and everything seemed to be going really well… until colic set in when she was about three or four weeks old.

She would cry and scream at the top of her lungs and it seemed like she was in pain.

Sometimes she would scrunch her legs up.

I didn’t know what to do and the crying was driving me over the edge.

I called my lactation consultant who suggested that I remove a few things from my diet to see if this would help.

At first I didn’t think that the colic could be related to something in my diet because she seemed to be okay when she was breastfeeding.

It was later that the crying would begin . . . and it just seemed to go on and on.

But, I thought I would follow the lactation consultant’s suggestions to see if it would help.

Dietary Changes Helped

I started by pulling out all dairy products from my diet.

This didn’t seem to make any difference.

So my lactation consultant suggested that I pull out all the major food allergens:  dairy, wheat, corn, soy, eggs.

This was really hard to do!!

But I found alternative foods to eat (like duck eggs instead of chicken eggs, and hemp milk instead of regular milk).

Sophia’s colic seemed to get better!

So after I had been off of these foods for a while, I slowly began to reintroduce them to see which foods might be bothering Sophia and which ones would be okay to eat.

It turns out that she was sensitive to dairy, wheat and eggs (but not corn or soy) so I just kept these foods out while I was breastfeeding, and the colic never returned.

I also gave her baby probiotics because the lactation consultant told me this would help her immune system.  I’m not sure if the probiotics helped with the colic, but I do know that removing food was the key for Sophia.

I am looking forward to eating those forbidden foods again once I’m done breastfeeding, but for now, I’m just happy to have a happy, pain-free baby!