Are you a health coach interested in connecting with new clients?

Epidemic Answers gets hundreds of visitors to our website every day. These visitors are looking for help in healing their children from chronic conditions like asthma, allergies, autism and ADHD. To support our visitors, Epidemic Answers connects them to experienced health coaches in our directory who provide them with a free 30-minute health coaching session.  Many times, that initial consult turns into an ongoing professional relationship between the family and the health coach. It’s a win-win for coach and client!

What is required to be included in the Epidemic Answers Health Coach Directory?

Health Coaches listed in the Health Coach Directory must be certified by another third-party certifying organization (such as IIN, FMCA, NTA, etc.) AND must have completed the Epidemic Answers Health Coach Training Course

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How Does the Epidemic Answers Health Coach Referral Network Work?

As a referral (new client) comes in to the Epidemic Answers website looking for a consult with a health coach, their contact information is sent via email to a health coach in the Directory.  Health coaches participating in the referral network are required to field these referrals on a rotating basis assigned by Epidemic Answers.

After the initial free 30-minute consultation, health coaches and the client referred by Epidemic Answers may decide on their own whether to continue their client/coach relationship. Health coaches are independent practitioners and are not paid by Epidemic Answers.

How do I join the Referral Network?

When you complete the Epidemic Answers Health Coach Training Course you will be given the option to join the Health Coach Directory and participate in the Referral Network for free for one year (a $99 value).  As a member of this network you will:

  • Receive referrals (via email) to families across the country in need of health coaching services
  • Have the opportunity to participate in bi-monthly Epidemic Answers Health Coach Teleconferences where you connect with other health coaches, share knowledge and best practices
  • Be listed on the Epidemic Answers website in the Health Coach Directory where families can contact Epidemic Answers trained health coaches in their area.

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