Training Program: Testimonials

“I decided to take the health coach training in order to better help parents and children. I had no idea that it would turn out to be so life-changing for my clients, my family, and my future. I had so many unanswered questions about what was really underneath the sensory, mood, attention, and behavior problems and symptoms that my clients were experiencing.

What this information in the training has revealed to me is simply stunning! I am now able to fully conceptualize and comprehend what is happening with a child’s learning and development from a whole body perspective, even down to genetic, micronutrient, and neurochemical levels. For me, this meant I could effect change on a deeper level, helping children to truly heal and recover when before I could only help them to adjust and cope.

What stood out most was the quality of the teaching and reliability of the information (peer reviewed sources, expert informed case studies, multidisciplinary professionals and authors).  The training is superior to many  graduate level courses and what I learned in the process has filled giant gaps in my formal training and my competency.

What I learned through the Epidemic Answers health coach training has far and away exceeded my expectations.  I would highly recommend this training to play therapists and anyone working with children.  This will soon be required training for all of my clinical interns! Thank you Epidemic Answers!”

– Christine M. Koehler, PhD, LPC-S, RPT-S


“You are all doing such good and great things. Your preparation of Coaches will land divine parachutes to families and divine punches/blows to the crippled/crippling health care system.”

– Janiece Andrews, MD


“I absolutely loved the health coaching course!  I was especially interested in the modules regarding labs, methylation, SNPs and nutrigenomics.  Reading Amy Lasko’s work was extremely informative!  Also, Patricia Lemer’s modules were amazing.  Her book is an incredible resource that I wasn’t aware of.  Learning about how critical the sequence of treatment is and Dr. Klinghardt’s model of treatment was so important. I love that Patricia Lemer is also passionate about vision and mentions this.  My daughter had vision therapy when she was younger and I feel it’s so important to spread awareness on the importance of visual processing. The course has definitely turned me on to some great new resources that will be invaluable.  . . . It was a wonderful course!  This was exactly what I was looking for as I have wanted to specialize in working with children.”

– Merideth Weisberg, Health Coach


“I just finished the course this morning. I feel armed with knowledge and insight.  I took this course to benefit my son.  He suffered a TBI and struggles with many other health issues: epilepsy, behavior issues, side effects of medications, MTHFR.  It is a wake-up call when you realize that you are actually making things for your child worse all while processing you did it to yourself to. When you take all the factors and put them together you have such a clear story of what is occurring to make our children sick. This should be a course recommended to all parents and healers.  I just did what the doctor said and bought the food the store sold. NOT ANYMORE.

My son and I had already started our healing journey about 4 years ago. When starting this course, I already was aware of some information but this course gave me much more insight and a wealth of books and resource to read along with and use. I am not sure if I will ever use this information in “professional” health coach form but I will continue to “socially” health coach everyone who will listen. I am so much happier and healthier on this path and my son is not far behind.

These Tupac lyrics came to mind upon completion of this course:

We gotta make a change
It’s time for us as a people to start makin’ some changes
Let’s change the way we **EAT**
Let’s change the way we ~~LIVE~~
And let’s change the way we ^^TREAT EACH OTHER^^
You see the old way wasn’t workin’
So it’s on us to do what we gotta do to survive.

Thank you all for doing what you do.”

– Abby O’Donnell and my son Damien 🙂


“Today I am excited to share with you my family’s story of how health is the greatest wealth and why every infant, child, teen and adult deserves it.

My name is Jessica, I’m a mom, a wife, a certified Epidemic Answers Health Coach and the subject matter expert on my children. My family is no stranger to chronic illness and has personally experienced autism, childhood cancer, tick-borne co-infections, sensory processing disorder, mold illness, and more.

If you’re familiar with any of these, you know first-hand how hard it can be to truly find healing.

But I intuitively knew that we, as parents, are our children’s best advocates; so I decided to become an Epidemic Answers Health Coach. This program aligned with what I knew to be true, healing was possible. I enrolled in the coaching program and dove into learning not only how to help my family, but others as well.

The Epidemic Answers coaching program gave me a solid foundation of knowledge to build on and connection to a community of like-minded, driven, and incredibly knowledgeable people. Looking at the whole child through the Epidemic Answers lens helped to facilitate the best possible healing outcome for my family, and I could not be more grateful.

I have had my eyes opened to the fact that today’s world is the most toxic humans have ever seen, with children being diagnosed with neurodevelopmental and chronic health disorders at alarming rates. But we can do something about it. It’s so empowering to know we have a say in what we eat, drink, clean our homes with, put on our skin, maintain our yard with and more.

– Jessica, Epidemic Answers Health Coach


“I first learned about Epidemic Answers 6 years ago and I was thrilled because my older children had recovered from serious illnesses using many of the same strategies employed by Dr. Martha Herbert in her book, The Autism Revolution. I was excited to learn there were others doing this and I wanted to learn more!

The work of Epidemic Answers inspired me as a mother and a clinician. The recovery of my children inspired me to become a Functional Medicine Health Coach and complete my doctorate focusing on natural and integrative approaches to health.

I am grateful for the training I received from Epidemic Answers to more effectively support my patients’ progress in therapy though diet and lifestyle strategies.

Today, I spend my time as a mother, clinician and health coach at Whole Child Pediatric Therapy. Following is from one of my precious clients. In a recent conversation with this mom, she said,

My third son was unexpectedly born premature at 33 weeks. After two previous full-term and healthy children, my husband and I were scared of the unknown. With support and guidance, our son has since blossomed into a healthy and happy child, exceeding expectations. We believe eating a balanced and healthy diet, getting sun exposure and exercise, reducing toxins and wireless exposure, and more, have all played an important role in his health.

Your everyday choices count. Don’t underestimate the value of making changes, even if you start with small changes. Don’t give up, have hope! Our children all recovered beyond my expectations. This is why HEALTH IS WEALTH and every individual deserves a chance to feel good.

– Donna, Epidemic Answers Health Coach


“I found Epidemic Answers through social media, believe it or not. At the time, as a chronic illness blogger, warrior, parent and activist, the community that speaks the loudest to me is there. It was early in 2019 when I came across a posting with regards to health coaching. As someone who was building a practice based on the passion to help more families besides my own, I followed the link to Epidemic Answers. I was immediately comforted by the vast amounts of information that resonated so closely to my own families circumstances.

Epidemic Answers has given me so much knowledge, which to me, is priceless. Given the fact that we are in a time where integrity within the health community is hard to find, I quickly realized Epidemic Answers and the people involved were of stellar caliber, truth tellers, warrior moms & parents, caregivers and professionals that have a rare purity & unrelenting compassion for spreading education and resources. This group, while growing larger, is one that contains some of the strongest people I know, and it has been the greatest gift to be able to have that connection now.

To new families: There is a reason you have felt isolated, alienated and lonely. It is because you are aware, aware of things many cannot see. Do not ever look at chronic illness as a sign of weakness or negatively. While we are powerless over many things, in this circumstance, we are the lucky ones. We are the people who are sensitive enough to feel the first effects of our environment, forcing us to awaken to a reality that many are so terribly ignorant to. We are the parents & caregivers so intuitively connected to our children, our future, that we are moved both emotionally & physically, to act. When you begin to view this as an opportunity to change things, you plant the seed of intention. That intention will grow, & its roots will begin within your own family. As you revolutionize your families health’s autonomy, & step away from the medicalized model, the more you will realize there is so much hope and you are far from being alone. Epidemic Answers is a place to begin that opportunity, and gives you the tools to make that a reality.

Three of my children have been sick from infancy with things like failure to thrive, GERD, Celiac, seizures, ear infections, OCD, strep, constant infections, behavioral issues, etc. I am positive that they were born into toxicity, some passed from me like Lyme Disease & other co-infections, while other exposures were received in the first years of life. It has taken us years to find out that toxic mold was both our final trigger & a root cause. In 2017, we tipped over what our bodies could handle, & in the process lost our home & everything we ever owned due to mold contamination. I think above all else the isolation, stigma & lack of support was most painful.

It has changed my entire existence, but our story has inspired me more than anything ever has. For once in my life I finally feel alive with a drive that is insatiable & an intensity to change things.

Health to me has changed drastically since we all became so debilitatingly sick. It was when I learned more about the history of medicine, my own body & my own instincts (which I previously ignored) that I fully encompassed what health was. Realizing and recognizing that we are more than just physiological beings, that we are energetic, and that the feelings I was taught to suppress were there to help me navigate my own path to wellness. When I stopped fueling the concepts of relieving symptoms, & started to actually listen to my bodies messages, I took a deeper, interconnected approach to systemically look at root causes. That, is when everything came together for me.”

– PJ Harlow, Epidemic Answers Health Coach


“Very interesting… just started Beth Lambert’s Epidemic Answers course and I have to say this is a very well organised course, I have been comparing the course structure, strategies and resources presented in the course with my son’s learning and recovery journey and there are some very interesting contrasts (and differences).

Wish I knew about the course earlier, I have invested upwards of a 1,000 hours of research on Autism so far and the biggest challenge I have faced is that most of the information available is either useless, half-truths or ineffective (small return on investment).

Having an organised and well structured multi-modality approach to understanding and managing the epidemic is criticial especially when sorting through the maze of endless theories and therapies.

Autism One for example has upwards of 900 videos, who’s going to sort through that?! I love the conference and there are some top-gun sessions – Patricia Kane’s Membrane Medicine (Forty Years of Autism) for example is a top 10 for sure but the point is we don’t need more content. We need less content and more strategies which the course achieves sucessfully.

This is hands down #1 course available available today for parents and practitioners (note: I am not affiliated with them).

Thank you very much Beth Lambert.”

– Amr Mohamed