“I decided to take the health coach training in order to better help parents and children.  I had no idea that it would turn out to be so life-changing for my clients, my family, and my future. I had so many unanswered questions about what was really underneath the sensory, mood, attention, and behavior problems and symptoms that my clients were experiencing.  What this information in the training has revealed to me is simply stunning!  I am now able to fully conceptualize and comprehend what is happening with a child’s learning and development from a whole body perspective, even down to genetic, micronutrient, and neurochemical levels.  For me, this meant I could effect change on a deeper level, helping children to truly heal and recover when before I could only help them to adjust and cope.   What stood out most was the quality of the teaching and reliability of the information (peer reviewed sources, expert informed case studies, multidisciplinary professionals and authors).  The training is superior to many  graduate level courses and what I learned in the process has filled giant gaps in my formal training and my competency.  What I learned through the Epidemic Answers health coach training has far and away exceeded my expectations.  I would highly recommend this training to play therapists and anyone working with children.  This will soon be required training for all of my clinical interns! Thank you Epidemic Answers!”

Christine M. Koehler, PhD, LPC-S, RPT-S, Pediatric Diagnostic Clinician 

“You are all doing such good and great things. Your preparation of Coaches will land divine parachutes to families and divine punches/blows to the crippled/crippling health care system.
Janiece Andrews, M.D.”
“I absolutely loved the health coaching course!  I was especially interested in the modules regarding labs, methylation, SNPs and nutrigenomics.  Reading Amy Lasko’s work was extremely informative!  Also, Patricia Lemer’s modules were amazing.  Her book is an incredible resource that I wasn’t aware of.  Learning about how critical the sequence of treatment is and Dr. Klinghardt’s model of treatment was so important. I love that Patricia Lemer is also passionate about vision and mentions this.  My daughter had vision therapy when she was younger and I feel it’s so important to spread awareness on the importance of visual processing. The course has definitely turned me on to some great new resources that will be invaluable.  . . . It was a wonderful course!  This was exactly what I was looking for as I have wanted to specialize in working with children.”
Merideth Weisberg, Health Coach