Let’s team up to get kids healthy again!

Epidemic Answers’ vision is to create a world of healthy and vibrant children free from chronic illness. We believe that it will take education, outreach, innovative research and creative cultural strategies to see this change through.

Partnering with us enables health-centric organizations to benefit from our active network of like-minded grassroots followers.  If this sounds good to you, let’s team up and get kids healthy again!

Epidemic Answers offers two distinct Partnership Opportunities: 

  • Education and Outreach Program
  • Research Program

Epidemic Answers and Documenting Hope have an active network of grassroots followers who are eager to learn about non-toxic products that will benefit their healthy lifestyles.  Partners can be highlighted a number of ways including feature webinars, social media campaigns, placement on our website and acknowledgement in print articles among other options.

Please contact Helen Conroy, Director of Partnerships at [email protected], to discuss partnering with our organization.  Together we can understand and reverse chronic conditions in our children.