Julie Casper LAc CHEK hTMA

Health Elite, LLC
34785 Fire Tower Road
Bayfield, WI 54814
United States
(715) 779-3966
Acupuncture, C.H.E.K Practitioner
Additional Information
Julie Casper is a medically trained healthcare practitioner with skills in multiple, complementary disciplines. Her clinical experience and comprehensive training enables her to consider a patient's health concerns from a whole-system perspective.

• Chinese medicine practitioner.
• hTMA (hTMA specialist / Practitioner instructor and consultant)
• C.H.E.K. certified (Musculoskeletal analysis and correction)
• Published author (magazines and websites)
• Weston A. Price Foundation - Chapter Leader
• Organic gardener (Nutrient-rich, mineral balancing protocols)

Julie is a specialist in clinical hTMA, and works with patients worldwide. Tissue Mineral Analysis (hTMA) is a non-invasive laboratory test used to assess metabolism, cellular energy, stress response, endocrine and immune function, and heavy metal toxicity levels. In addition, Julie educates health professionals who are interested in learning clinical hTMA therapy. She has contributed many articles to the nutritionalbalancing.org website.