Deniece Smith
Deniece Smith RN NTP


United States
Company: Wellness Beyond the Spectrum
Education: Pediatric Registered Nurse
Certifications: Nutritional Therapy Practitioner via the Nutritional Therapy Association. Epidemic Answers Health Coach Training Program
Additional Information: I focus on helping individuals and families navigate nutrition, uncover root causes and achieve optimal health naturally. I have spent over 15 professional years working as a Pediatric Registered Nurse, but my world shifted when my son was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism. My son initially met all developmental milestones but by the time he was 2 years old, he was suffering from sleepless nights, late-night seizure like episodes, picky eating with endless digestive issues, loss of speech and the list goes on and on. The diagnosing doctor called it "regressive autism". After I received my son's diagnosis, I felt so lost and confused. We really didn't get much more than pamphlets and lists of various behavioral therapists to sort through from conventional doctors. After much sadness and depression, I felt hopeless until I decided to shift my focus to the one thing I had the power to control, food! I made small dietary shifts with my son and just like that, the language that was once lost had suddenly come back. From that day forward, I immersed myself into learning and understanding how holistic nutrition and lifestyle changes can not only improve his health but ultimately heal the body. Through dietary and lifestyle interventions, I watched my own son regain his health and as a result, improve his quality of life. After years of living this lifestyle, I took my knowledge, experience and passion and harnessed it into a career in holistic health as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner via the Nutritional Therapy Association and Certified Epidemic Answers Health Coach. My hope is to share and help other families along this journey to know that through nutrition, healing and wellness is possible.
Specialties: Autism | Nutrition