Gail Bernson LMT
Gail Bernson LMT


225 Main Street
Suite L1
United States
Phone: (203) 847-1012
Company: Kids in Touch
Education: Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy-Newington: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)Field Of StudyBehavioral Physiology, 2001 – 2002. The University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT: MA in Experimental PsychologyField Of StudyEcological Psychology.
Additional Information: Kids have a variety of challenges. From concussions, headaches and sport injuries, to balance, coordination, handwriting, and delayed development. Are you looking to broaden the help your child is getting? Feeling there must be educated innovative people outside the medical model achieving impressive results and wondering who are they and how do I find them? Childhood is an amazing time filled with continuous opportunities for change, but so much in development is automatic. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could meet your child exactly where he or she is and find the opportunity to step in with the right challenge to encourage what naturally occurs next. At Kids In Touch there are two avenues for eliciting change. One is to find ways to expand spatial awareness. This builds higher levels of control and broadens the foundation for what was missed. The second is listening through touch to what the nervous system needs to optimize development. Often there are fascial (connective tissue) restrictions that are easy to find and release through craniosacral therapy.