Melissa Porcaro OTR/L SIPT


33 Dagny Court
Trout Creek,
Phone: (509) 521-7983
Company: New Day Functional Therapy
Education: Melissa began her studies as a Criminal Justice major with her love for investigation. After being involved in a vehicle accident, she transferred into the medical field, becoming accepted into the Physical Therapy program and then into the Occupational Therapy program. She completed her education and graduated from the Houston Medical Center Texas Woman's University program in 1990. She has built up two private practices working with children and families specializing in Developmental Delays. Here, she could utilize her love of investigation delving into the medical history of each child and determining the best therapeutic path for the child. She became Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT) Certified two years after graduation. She has been a therapist for over 38 years, in private practice for over 18 of those years. Currently, she provides services as a Functional Therapist addressing the entire child or young adult.
Certifications: Occupational Therapist (OTR), Sensory Integration and Praxis Test Certified (SIPT), Reflex integration trained, Functional Medicine trained, Level one certification in Media and Tech addiction, trained as a Center of Excellence for Autism Diagnosis for Seattle Children's Hospital, an Ambassador to, and Sheep Dog Trained (protecting the "sheep" people in churches and schools from shooters/abductions/sexual assaults).
Additional Information: She has over 38 years of experience working as an Occupational Therapist personally and professionally with various levels of autism. She currently has a private practice (CAN Do Kids Pediatric Therapy) in an area of the United States that has a very high rate of autism. In addition, She is practicing nationwide as a Functional Therapist working at New Day Retreat (DBA New Day Functional Therapy) addressing many behavioral and developmental areas. She has found that there is a very rate of individuals with Autism who also meet the criteria for tech and media addiction or the mental health problem of Internet Gaming Disorder (DSM-5-TR).