Hela Kammoun Bali MNRI Core Speci


14271 Jeffrey Road #254
1929 Main Street #103
United States
Phone: (949) 307-6914
Website: www.brainreconnection.com
Company: Brain Reconnection
Education: Nutrition Consultant/ Health Coach from IIN Certified as a Core Specialist from The Masgutova Method of Neuro sensory Motor Reflex Integration Therapy Cranial Sacral Certification from the Upledger Institute Certified Aquatic Reflex Integration Therapist Quantum Reflex Analysis certification using Developed by Dr. Bob Marshall protocol.
Certifications: MNRI Core Specialist Nutrition Consultant , NC Cranial Sacral Therapist ILS Integrative Listening Therapy Specialist Quantum Reflex Integration Analysis
Additional Information: www.Brainreconnection.com www.masgutovamethod.com