PJ Harlow
PJ Harlow


32676 West Riga Drive
Ocean View,
19970 - 3165
United States
Phone: (302) 236-5509
Website: https://pjharlowwellness.com/
Certifications: Epidemic Answers Health Coach Certification Training (Graduate) HFF Healthy Family Formula Health Coaching Academy (will graduate December 2019) Postgraduate Institute for Medicine, Certified Clinical Diagnosis & Treatment of Lyme Disease & Co-Infections State of Delaware Tickborne Working Group Patient Advocate Addiction, Trauma & Wellness Coach (St. Paul the Episcipal, Corinthian Halfway House, Stepping Stones) Life, Health, Property & Casualty Producers & Claims Adjusters Licensing (State of Delaware 1998-2002, 2008-2017) Xactimate Homeowner Claim Adjusting; Strategies for Mold Investigations and Sampling; Homeowner’s Mitigation Techniques; Risk Management; FEMA/NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) Certified Training. Claims Investigation; Claims Resolution; Commercial General Liability; Fundamentals of Workers Compensation; Personal & Commercial Umbrella Liability; Advanced Flood-Grandfathering and Elevation Certificates. Fixed Annuities, 401k & IRA’s; Variable Annuities; Principles of Wealth Management; Mutual Funds; Retirement Planning Strategies; Long Term Care; HSA & Group Life; Living Trusts & Probate. Customer Analytics; Sales Leadership; Customer Success & Customer Relationship Management Training; Product Management; Customer Consulting, Marketing & Communications; Onboarding; Churn & Retention Training. Customer Facing Training; Customer Segment Training; Market Relationships; HR Enterprise Recruiting; Talent Management; Employee Relations, Diversity & Inclusion; Executive Learning & Development; Workplace Protection/Loss Prevention-OSHA; Anti-Money Laundering Training; Information Privacy & Security Training; Bank Compliance, Processes & Technology; Ethical Practices in Producers; Salesforce Certification
Additional Information: PJ serves as the Founder of PJHW after transitioning a 15 yr. career as an Executive Producer & Manager for one of the largest, Fortune 500, Finance & Insurance Firm’s in the U.S. Additionally, Ms. Harlow worked intensively with young women who struggle with trauma, PTSD, addiction, substance abuse & body dysmorphia. Centered on coping mechanisms, step-work & self love she was effective providing support & resources to assist these women in both crisis & daily life situations. Ms. Harlow has earned her Health Coaching Certification through Epidemic Answers Health Coaching & has completed professional certification coursework in Functional Medicine & clinical diagnosis for treatment of Lyme Disease w/other tick borne Illnesses. She has studied extensively w/ regard to EAI- Environmentally Acquired Illnesses, CIRS, Mold & Heavy Metal Toxicity, Intracellular & Extracellular Detoxification, EHS- Electro-Hypersensitivity, Bioregulatory Medicine, Epigenetics, Herbalism, Functional Neurology, Immunology, Psychoneuroimmunology, Electropollution, Holistic Health & much more. Pj is also currently a student enrolled at the HFF (Healthy Family Formula) Professional Health Coaching Academy and is set to graduate earning her a double health coaching certification by January 2020. PJ is the resident Environmental Health Coach for Pj Harlow Wellness specializing in Mold Toxicity, Author of the blog, Graphic Artist, Marketing Director & Podcast Host of "The Tourist" available on iTunes. She works continuously to further advance her professional education & certifications. She is simultaneously working on her first book which will be released in 2021. PJ herself is an EAI warrior, wife & mother to 4 children, 3 of which have struggled w/ Lyme & co-infections, Bartonella, CIRS, Mold Toxicity, Asthma, Allergies, Celiac Disease, Reactivated Epstein Barr, MCAS, PANS, Dysautonomia, GAD, & other sensory disorders.