Shandy Laskey MA CCC/SLP FNTP
Shandy Laskey MA CCC-SLP FNTP


P.O. Box 3144
United States
Company: Speaking of Health & Wellness, LLC
Certifications: Masters of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology. Certified Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association. As an SLP, Shandy has completed many hours of independent study, including continuing education courses to continue to advance her knowledge as a pediatric feeding specialist. Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) by the Nutritional Therapy Association. Epidemic Answers Certified Health Coach. Student of The BioIndividual Nutrition Institute by Autism & ADHD Nutrition Specialist, Julie Matthews.
Additional Information: Shandy is an integrative speech-language pathologist and pediatric feeding specialist, as well as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and Epidemic Answers Health Coach. She is a fierce nutrition advocate for children impacted by complex picky eating, neurodevelopmental disorders, and special needs. She is continuously advancing her knowledge in functional and bio-individual nutrition therapies for these specific demographics of children. Shandy is the founder and CEO of Speaking of Health & Wellness, LLC. Through her own health and wellness journey, she learned the profound impact of nutrition and lifestyle on cognition and overall well-being first hand. Shandy has an intense passion for integrating holistic nutrition and lifestyle strategies into her work with families. She provides virtual and local parent coaching to guide families on identifying ways to address the underlying causes of their child's condition and/or related symptoms, while also teaching integrative strategies for learning, behavior, communication and mealtimes. Read more about Shandy’s story and work at: