Stephane Provencher
Stephane Provencher DC PhD


8006 Crescent Park Drive
United States
Phone: (571) 248-0695
Company: Gainesville Holistic Health Center
Education: Dr Stéphane Provencher hold a doctorate in Chiropractic, finishing his PhD in integrative Medicine, Naturopathic doctorat, INtegrative Doctorate. Dr Solange Mason hold a doctorate in Osteopathy and PhD in integrative medicine which board certified in Psychiatry, Neurology.
Certifications: Craniopathy. Kinesiotaping. Aromatherapy. NLP. Hypnotherapy. Nutrition. Orthomolecular Nutrition. Herbal Therapy. Biofeedback. Bioresonance. Auriculotherapy. Quantum Physic. Quantum Hematology. Quantum Hormonology. Integrative Holistic Healthcare. Homeopathy.
Additional Information: Encompassing multiple methods of assessment, diagnosis and treatment for a WHOLE-LISTIC care level, Gainesville Holistic Health Center, sets new standards in the integrative health medicine trend. Truly a unique experience and practice, initiating a form of collaborative & integrative healthcare among several different types of doctors, to include: Traditional Western Medicine (Allopathic), Chiropractic, Naturopathic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition (food is your medicine), Quantum Medicine and Mental Health, working in unison to better serve the needs and outcome of patients. Our goal is to utilize our collective knowledge to produce results for every patient in our care insuring maximum quality of life and lifestyle empowerment. GHHC is redefining the traditional healthcare experience.