Here’s the story of my oldest son’s recovery from Aspergers.

Symptoms included:

  • Chronic explosive diarrhea from age 18 months to 6 years
  • Multiple food allergies and chemical sensitivities, that lasted until 6th grade
  • Candida, yeast overgrowth
  • Facial tics
  • Night terrors
  • Several violent tantrums per day from about 2 ½ to 3 years old. Took up about 3 hours of our day trying to calm him down.
  • Difficulty transitioning
  • Sensory Integration, or SI
  • Literal interpretation of language
  • ADHD/ODD/Depression

The major healing elements:

  • Strict diets I designed specifically for Jacob using muscle testing to watch for food sensitivities, and very few chemicals/preservatives/artificial ingredients of any kind.
  • Limiting his exposure to environmental toxins.
  • Homeopathy
  • Chiropractic
  • Emotional healing (NET, EFT, NLP)
  • The right supplements
  • The belief that your child can heal.

3rd grade was the official diagnosis. Broke my heart. Broke my heart a million more times, learning about SI, and finally understanding why he was so whiny, angry about sensory issues.

Learning about the literal interpretation, when I really thought he was being bratty, and so did his teachers.  He was simply misunderstanding a lot of what was being said, but that really didn’t make sense to all of us because he was so smart; how could he misunderstand?

And when he finally ‘relaxed’ and stopped being so angry/disruptive with the findings of these things.

Everything happened at once with the diagnosis, and since it was even worse than we thought, (we thought he had ADD), I got more aggressive finding out what other dietary and supplement interventions we could do.

With persistence, and prayer/belief, he healed. He is now 17, has two jobs, been on the honor roll 3 years in high school, is very well liked by peers and work friends, helps me around the house voluntarily, chose for himself to go back on a ‘diet’ since he’s been off them for 5 years–picked the ketogenic diet by researching it all on his own!

He amazes me, and he would amaze me if he had been a typical kid.  But for him to have achieved all this, a miracle.

–Carolyn Wilcoxon, May 2012


  1. Melanie

    Carolyn – I’m so happy to read your blog. I also have a son – actually 2 with asperger’s. But I also did a massive diet change, homeopathy and supplements and a lot of prayers. I also see a huge, major, miraculous change in my oldest son – he’s 9 – so it’s wonderful to hear about an adult son who is doing amazing. I’d love to hear more.

  2. Sam

    The title is a tad misleading. This did not cure Asperger’s but got rid of the negative symptoms. Since autism is a neurological condition, not a mental one it cannot be cured like one could cure depression or ADHD. Also ADHD and ADD are not related to autism though they can coexist or have similar characteristics

  3. Donna Rheaves

    I love hearing these recovery stories! I have had many children cross my path with issues of aspergers and parents and teachers were totally without a clue. They attributed all of the symptoms to defiance and behavior only.

    11 years ago I started a Mobile Cooking Program for kids, The Smarty Pants Chefs! (The students named it because I connected the school day to the after school activities. They loved it! They connected right away with learning about nutrition once they participated in the cooking! 3,000 students later…. It’s still working! I love reading these stories! Inspires me to carry on! Thanks for sharing Y’ALL!

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