Recovery from Sensory Processing Disorder, Reflux, Asthma, Eczema

Maria Rickert Hong‘s Children: Recovered from Sensory Processing Disorder, Acid Reflux, Asthma and Eczema, and getting healthier everyday!

Let me tell you about my sons’ recovery from sensory processing disorder, acid reflux, asthma and eczema.

I used to wonder a long time ago if these issues were related to each other and to their developmental delays, anxiety, failure to thrive and mitochondrial dysfunction, and now I know that they are.

All of these issues are related to gut dysbiosis (in their case, a system Candida infection) and toxicity.  They are both full of heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium).

My older son is at the 97th percentile for heavy-metal toxicity; my younger one at the 90th.

They both got it from me when I was pregnant with them.  I didn’t find out until after my older son was over 4 years old that we were all full of heavy metals.

My concerns about my sons’ problems were dismissed by all of their doctors (except for the current one) and chalked up to “they’ll grow out of it”.

A mother knows when there is something wrong with her children, so I was left to research these issues myself.

I found the book “Healing the New Childhood Disorders:  Autism, ADHD, Allergies and Asthma” by Dr. Kenneth Bock to be the most helpful at tying these issues back to the immune dysregulation and nutritional deficiencies caused by their gut dysbiosis and toxicity.

Understanding what the root causes are helped me to know what to do to recover them.  I changed their diet (GF/CF at first to alleviate sensory issues; GAPS later to eliminate the gut dysbiosis).

We began going to a naturopath to help us with detoxifying safely.  I eliminated all toxic household and personal-care products from the house by looking up the safety of their individual ingredients (EWG’s Skin Deep cosmetics database was a huge help here).

They have both been through occupational therapy (OT) and craniosacral therapy.

However, there are always residual issues.

It would take a lot more out-of-pocket money for OT that would help my sons overcome their developmental delays and retained reflexes, both of which come from the neurological damage caused by their exorbitant amounts of heavy metals.

It’s also going to cost more money to deal with the psychological damage from this toxicity, which is showing up as extreme anxiety and anger in my older son and anger in my younger son.

In addition, both sons are considered “failure to thrive”, for which they’ll need additional services provided by a nutritionist, an oral-motor OT and a craniosacral therapist.

Both the nutritionist and the naturopath will continue to be needed for their help in overcoming mitochondrial dysfunction and toxicity.  And there are always more lab tests to be ordered.

It’s a lot of work and a lot of money to do these interventions, but I know they’re getting better.

What’s frustrating to me is how little most pediatricians and, thus, moms know about these issues.

It’s still considered almost heresy to say that a child can be recovered from autism, SPD, allergies, ADHD, asthma, etc., but that’s probably because a pharmaceutical can’t cure these issues; it would only mask the symptoms.

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