Recovery Is Possible

Despite what many parents are told many children are able to reverse their chronic conditions including allergies, asthma, autism, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders and more.

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Recovery is Possible, The Autism Research Institute

Books on Recovery from Chronic Illness

I Know You’re In There. Marsha Hinds

Healing Without Hurting. Jennifer Guistra Kozak

The Hidden Connection. Kathleen DiChiara

The Race to Recovery. Colleen Cimador

Almost Autism. Maria Rickert Hong

Impossible Cure, Amy Lansky

The Sound of a Miracle. Annabelle Stehli

Miracles are Made. Lynette Louise

Unraveling the Mystery of Autism. Karen Seroussi

Let Me Hear Your Voice. Catherine Maurice

At First: How Seven Families Took On Impossible Illnesses. Susannah Meadows.

The Documenting Hope Project

The Documenting Hope Project is a pilot recovery program for fourteen children who have autism, ADHD or other seemingly intractable conditions. The program is providing families with resources that look beyond what the conventional western medical paradigm has offered thus far. The program’s direct and comprehensive support for these children and their families will span eighteen months.

Recovery Videos