Ethan: Asthma, Allergies, Sleep Apnea

Ethan appeared to be a very healthy baby at first. Aside from a little baby acne and some toenails that looked a little misshapen, all seemed well with him.

Adverse Medicine Reaction

When he was four months old he had a bad reaction to a medical intervention, and his doctors recommended that he no longer receive this medicine. He developed chronic constipation, chronic sinus congestion, and snoring that was later diagnosed as sleep apnea. The pediatrician recommended that he go on Zyrtec daily but his mother felt more comfortable with giving him children’s Benadryl instead. He lived on Benadryl for years and his symptoms did not improve. New symptoms developed. His constipation got so severe, that he would only go once every 5 days or so, and his stools became smelly and loose when he did go. At age 5, he was diagnosed with asthma, allergies, and sleep apnea. He began treatments with Pulmicort, prednisone, and albuterol. The pediatrician also suggested that he begin Singulair, but his mother refused because she had heard reports of children developing suicidal behaviors on Singulair. His last major asthma attack was so severe that the doctor told Ethan’s mother it would take 6 months for his lungs to recover and heal. “Treat it like a broken bone”, he said. This was the last straw for Ethan’s mother.

Recovery from Asthma, Allergies and Sleep Apnea

She looked into alternative ways to treat her son’s asthma, allergies and sleep apnea. She changed his diet when he was six years old, taking out wheat, diary, eggs, and corn, foods that an IgG food sensitivity test indicated were potentially inflammatory for Ethan. At this point, Ethan started a gut-healing protocol developed by Russell Mariani, a nutrition counselor in Hadley, Massachusetts. Ethan also received allergy elimination treatments, both NAET and BioSET and started to eat a more traditional diet, like that advocated by the Weston A. Price Foundation. Six months after the diet changes and beginning the allergy elimination and gut healing, Ethan’s asthma and allergies disappeared and never returned. He has experienced recovery from asthma, allergies and sleep apnea. He now has daily bowel movements, eats all of the foods he once eliminated from his diet, and is a talented soccer and lacrosse player.

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