Autonomic Response Testing

Autonomic response testing can help to access the conscious, subconscious and unconscious areas of the body and brain. All of us carry a certain amount of “baggage” from our childhood or from our family generations which may not be our fault but it certainly can have an impact our life or most notably on our health. What you are probably not aware of is that 50% of chronic illness is attributed to unresolved conflict or trauma.

Finding an appropriate healing modality that can access the “other world” of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious can be very beneficial.

Why Did Dr. Klinghardt Develop Autonomic Response Testing?

During the 1980s, Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD, a German-trained integrative medicine physician developed two non-invasive energy medicine techniques: Applied Psycho Neurobiology (APN) and Autonomic Response Training (ART).

Dr. Klinghardt believes that many answers are found in the two worlds that exist: this world and the invisible other world. He has developed a way of communicating with both these worlds in order to heal the mental body and the intuitive body.

These special healing techniques effectively uncover unresolved psycho-emotional blockages that are the underlying traumas and conflicts in chronic symptoms.

What Is Autonomic Response Testing (ART)?

ART was developed to detect and correct problems of the automatic nervous system (ANS). The ANS regulates and controls our:

  • Breathing
  • Heart rate
  • Immune function
  • Sleep patterns
  • Hormone regulation
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Kidney detoxifiction
  • Liver detoxification

Dr. Klinghardt believes that many practitioners who use kinesiology or muscle testing are often getting inaccurate information because the ANS is not functioning properly. He calls this condition “blocked regulation” and feels that the inability of the ANS to self-regulate is caused by the following issues:

Dr. Klinghardt has developed special tests to help correct the imbalances caused by the blocked regulation of the ANS.

What Is Applied Psycho Neurobiology (APN)?

APN utilizes biofeedback-guided counseling and healing in conjunction with EMDR and tapping techniques which are based on acupuncture meridians. The following is Dr. Klinghardt’s description of how APN is applied by using the ART system:

Step One

We use lab work and imaging studies like any other medical system would, in order to understand – and show respect to – the physical world. However, the resulting suggestions for treatment are double and triple checked with the ART system. Only the medications, supplements, exercise routines, foods and behaviors that pass this test are recommended.

Step Two

We measure on the level of physics the wavelengths and amplitudes of man-made stresses that affect the field of the client. We mitigate as much as possible. We also use thermography, HRV and other tools to decode the flow – or blockages – of energy in the patient’s system. However, our main tool to gain understanding is again ART. It allows us to know what is important, what is secondary and when we have done enough.

In addition to the mitigation procedures, we use the KLM technique (Klinghardt Light Modulation): every nutrient, toxin, infection, parasite or medication that has been found to be helpful or stressful is broadcast with a modified laser beam into the biofield of the client – until the patient’s system has recognized, understood and responded to the input. Medications and nutrients can be permanently imprinted. After this short procedure, we tap the client to neutralize any yin or yang state and lock in the response of the autonomic nervous system and higher centers.

Step Three

At this point we check the eight major eye movements and the color glasses. If any of them change the indicator, the door has opened to the deeper layers of the client’s inner world (unresolved conflicts, trauma) or the higher world – the psyche, the transpersonal fourth level field or the door to the divine itself. It is here where the careful dialogue with the subconscious starts, which is laid out step-by step in this manual.

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Dr. Klinghardt specializes in many chronic illnesses and autoimmune disorders such as Lyme disease and co-infections as well as autism spectrum disorders. The Klinghardt Academy: