BioSET and NAET are non-invasive, drug-free approaches of eliminating food intolerances and environmental sensitivities.

What Is Bio-Energetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy (BioSET)?

BioSET integrates a combination of philosophies and techniques of:

BioSET was developed over 25 years ago by Ellen Cutler, DC, a chiropractor who trained practitioners worldwide. It consists of a three-pronged approach to heal the gastrointestinal system and the immune system:

  • Detoxification
  • Enzyme therapy
  • Desensitization treatments to clear and reprogram a child’s immune response

Over time, BioSet improves the functioning of the immune system by reducing the toxic overload accumulation in the body.

What Is Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET)?

NAET is a non-invasive, easy and systematic way of permanently eliminating allergies that your child may have. It is an energy medicine treatment protocol that was developed in 1983 by Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Chiropractor, Licensed Acupuncturist, RN and PhD, who trained practitioners all over the world.

The treatment protocol incorporates a combination of:

The practitioner performing the procedure uses Muscle Response Testing (MRT) to determine and confirm the allergen which is usually in a form of a small vial. After the practitioner performs the treatment protocol, the patient then must eliminate the allergen for a period of 25 hours in order to completely clear it.

The principle of NAET is to bring the body back into homeostasis, which is perfect energy balance, so that the negative energy blockages from the allergens are permanently eliminated. 

How Do BioSET and NAET Work and How Do They Differ?

The intention of both BioSET and NAET is to correct the energy flow of the child by releasing the blockage and resetting the immune system. This process is called a “clearing”.

With NAET, the allergen has to be completely eliminated for a period of 25 hours to completely clear it.

The advantage of BioSET is that the clearing has no avoidance time period of a specific allergen. With BioSET, multiple items may be be cleared at one time, and the entire process takes less time. There are also fewer reactions with BioSET, and a BioSET practitioner can clear multiple layers at the same time such as different organ systems and emotional issues.

In both therapies, a child may have to re-clear certain allergens that they may be exposed to on a continual basis. Viruses and hormones tend to fluctuate in the body, so they may have to be re-cleared. Serious or life-threatening allergies are not always 100% successful with BioSET. For example, children who are gluten sensitive-may always have to avoid gluten.

In the case of NAET, 80% to 90% of treated patients experience complete relief from their symptoms; however, highly sensitive individuals may require additional combination clearings.

Are There Any Studies on BioSET or NAET?

There is anecdotal evidence, but no scientific studies in the scientific literature look at the effectiveness of BioSET treatment.

However, there is a 2008 case study of the successful treatment with NAET of a 3-year-old girl was intolerant to milk, sugar, egg white, pork meat, and other foods. There is also a 2014 case study of the successful treatment with NAET of a peanut allergy.

Why Does My Child Need BioSET or NAET?

Today’s toxic world is affecting many of our children whose genetic differences affect their ability to detoxify their bodies. If children are unable to detoxify their bodies effectively, then inflammation increases and contributes to chronic health conditions such as:

NAET and BioSET are two effective therapies for children that help reduce inflammation, toxicity and eliminate allergies, intolerances and sensitivities.


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