hyperbaric oxygen therapyHyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) – an effective treatment for stroke patients – may be helpful for children with autism.

Michael would not talk, avoided all eye contact with others, and was completely disinterested in his environment.

He was content to sit most of the day.

Michael had been extensively tested, but no one had determined a possible cause for his disability.

Finally, one physician, Dr. James Parsons, in Orlando, Florida, theorized that perhaps Michael had had a stroke at birth.

The birth trauma could have resulted in neurological complications which later caused his autistic withdrawal and inability to speak.

After approximately 19 treatments in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, Michael began to look at others, make eye contact, recognize and acknowledge individuals.

He developed a good sense of humor, learning to laugh when others laughed, and participated more actively in his speech therapy.

His parents were optimistic that he would talk soon.

Dr. Parsons has used HBOT for other children with autism, with good results.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Theory

Here’s the theory and the research behind hyperbaric oxygen therapy:

According to the British Medical Journal Lancet (Neubauer et. aI, 1990), SPECT scanning of stroke patients has revealed that only small areas of brain tissue actually die from the stroke.

A majority of the neurons are merely “stunned” from lack of oxygen; these neurons can be brought back into service (even after a number of years) through intensive hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

After HBOT, stroke patients have experienced significant improvements in speech, motor control, and other areas.

Perhaps, like stroke patients, children with autism also have “idling” neurons that can be revitalized through HBOT.

Parents who would like more information on HBOT can go to www.ihausa.org

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