Vibrational Therapy

What Is Vibrational Therapy?

Vibrational therapy or energy healing is the name given to frequency medicine, which is what we would call a “mind-body-spirit” therapy. These therapies treat the whole person, not just the physical body. If parts of the body become unbalanced, they may be healed through projecting the proper and correct frequencies back into the body.

Everything in this universe is energy. Just as Einstein’s famous equation explains E=mc2 as “energy is equivalent to matter with its vibratory rate accelerated at the speed of light squared”, raising vibrational energy increases healing.

For instance, energy fields, which make up all living things, have the ability to influence the vibrational energy of another energy field. This is called resonance, and vibrational therapy is based on energy resonance. Energy resonance can be found in many different applications of energy:

    • Sound
    • Light
    • Color
    • Magnetism
    • Energetic remedies
    • Hands-on-healing
    • Gemstones
    • Plants
    • Sunlight
    • Water
    • Flower essences
    • Crystals
    • Food

    A vibrational therapy is often the key to moving healing forward, and truly stepping out of physical/symptom-based medicine and into integrative mind-body-spirit health care. Mind-body-spirit medicine is quickly gaining momentum and becoming mainstream.

    Why Choose Vibrational Therapy?

    Vibrational therapy has the ability to effectively treat many difficult health issues and conditions because it treats the mind-body-spirit imbalances that are often times overlooked in Western medicine. Vibrational medicine focuses on the individual’s “chi” energy by utilizing many different applications to help balance the “chi” energy in our bodies. When our body has low “chi” energy, unbalanced vibration or poor energy flow, then sicknesses, imbalances, disease and emotional distress can occur. Energy can be blocked or stagnated.

    Vibrational therapy can influence the body and energy by increasing its vibrational frequency to initiate healing. Whatever vibrational therapy is applied, it acts like a catalyst to heal and transform by transferring vibrational energy frequencies into a person’s body to create balance and equilibrium.

    All vibrational therapies are non-invasive, healing and gentle especially for children who respond very quickly to resonating at a higher frequency. Energy medicine is a natural and effective way to heal your children without tears and without a lot of fear.

    What Are Some Vibrational Therapies?

    Until recently, western cultures were focused primarily on the care of our physical bodies with diet, exercise, and sleep. Meditation and yoga have gained popularity as healthy habits for our minds. Spirituality has been primarily associated with religion, although eastern belief systems such as Taoism and Buddhism have made their way into western cultures.

    Today there are many vibrational therapies such as:

      However, with awareness and intention, we can increase our vibrational energy everyday by simply applying some of these practices to our daily living:

      • Eating a clean diet. Organic food has the highest vibration.
      • Drinking clean, energized water
      • Enjoying superfoods and herbs
      • Increasing physical movement such as walking, swimming, dancing, biking (all healthy exercising) and sleeping well
      • Listening to positive uplifting music
      • Exploring and enjoying nature and the outdoors (save the environment)
      • Being true to yourself
      • Increasing consciousness through increasing awareness
      • Balancing and raising the energy of living spaces with space clearing, earth healing, live plants and Feng Shui techniques
      • Learning new things to take in new energies
      • Praying, meditating, taking part in sacred ceremony
      • Engaging in healthy relationships
      • Experiencing JOY
      • Being of service: Giving to others without expectation of reward or recognition; “pay it forward”
      • Breathing fully and deeply
      • Being creative
      • Practicing love, trust, compassion and other high vibrational and balancing emotions
      • Working with high-vibrational objects or techniques to raise yourself into resonance with higher vibrations (rocks, crystals, sacred geometry, chanting, singing, vibrational healing, singing bowls, spirituality, etc.)
      • Accepting and allowing life
      • Living in the present and smile and laugh everyday
      • Eliminating toxic foods, chemicals, emotions and relationships
      • Enjoying creative arts such as music, arts and dance

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