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  • Logo featured prominently on our Research webpage, Documenting Hope 
  • Premiere placement of thanks and appreciation before the Production Credits at the end of any lengthy media pieces.
  • Opportunities to leverage Epidemic Answers and Documenting Hope video assets featuring Partner’s product or service or promotional purposes
  • Access to exclusive film/media opportunities including VIP access to any premiers
  • + All benefits of Major Partners


  • Organization logo and links featured on Documenting Hope website under “Major Partner”
  • Mention in Press Releases relating to our research studies
  • Preferred supplier status can be used in marketing; Receive a “preferred supplier” badge (non-exclusive)
  • Opportunity to speak/present at DHP events/conferences
  • Credits provided on longer media pieces distributed through DH
  • + All benefits of Sustaining Partners


  • Organization logo and links featured on Documenting Hope website under “Sustaining Partner”
  • Potential for participation in a promotional (behind-the scenes) video identifying products/therapies/ approaches/food used in the FLIGHT Study to be distributed through DHP network and social media
  • +All benefits of Supporting Partners


  • Opportunity to provide product/ services to the Documenting Hope Project with potential for products/ services to appear in
  • Documenting Hope media footage (not guaranteed) or other media (e.g. facebook, instagram, website, videos, video blog, etc.)
  • Organization logo and links featured on Documenting Hope website under“Supporting Partner”
  • Official License to use DHP logo(s), and/or trademark(s) for the sponsor’s promotion, advertising, or other leverage activities
  • +All benefits of Ambassador of Hope Partner


  • Partner’s logo/ link listed on our website under “Ambassadors of Hope”
  • Access to unique and exclusive content [e.g. updates on the project only available to partners]
  • Cross-promotion opportunities
  • Opportunity for DHP to post partner’s original content to disseminate to DHP following


  • Enrolled 1000 Parents in the Documenting Hope Child Health Inventory for Resilience and Prevention (CHIRP) Study; Currently analyzing the data to review environmental stressors and triggers in childrens health.  For in depth information on CHIRP click here  (direct to DHP CHIRP page).
  • Preparing to implement our cornerstone longitudinal research study, the (FLIGHT) Study which examines how to medically reverse chronic conditions in children. For more information on the upcoming FLIGHT study click here

To partner with Epidemic Answers on Education and Outreach initiatives contact Helen Conroy, Director of Partnerships; [email protected]