Helpful WebsitesHere are helpful websites that we’ve found to be very useful in understanding the effects of environment, diet and lifestyle on autism, ADHD, developmental delays, allergies, asthma, autoimmune disorders and other children’s chronic health conditions.

General Resources

Developmental Delay Resources
One stop resource for parents of children with developmental delays in sensory, motor, language, social and emotional areas.  Please note that Developmental Delay Resources merged with Epidemic Answers in 2013.


Healthy Child, Healthy World
Website to accompany the book Health Child, Healthy World contains some great resources on making a safer home environment for our children.

The Environmental Working Group
Latest research involving the environment and health.

Healthy Child

Non-Toxic Neighborhoods
This organization is devoted to protecting our children from harmful synthetic pesticides that are linked to developmental delays and lasting health impacts.

SOKHOP:  Saving Our Kids, Healing Our Planet
Promotes healthy, green solutions to raising children.

The Deirdre Imus Center for Pediatric Oncology
Great site w/ resources on “Greening” your life.

Diet and Nutrition

Local Harvest
How to find healthy, local, organic, sustainable food.

Sustainable Table
A site all about sustainable living and eating.

Weston A. Price Foundation
The Weston A. Price Foundation for wise traditions in food, farming, and the healing arts.

Eat Well Guide
Sustainable, organic eating.

Better School Food
Campaign for healthier school food.

Reversing Food Allergies
Food allergies don’t have to be a life sentence.

Well Amy
One stop shopping for allergen-free foods.


The Autism Research Institute
Coalition of researchers, healthcare providers and parents dedicated to defeating autism (Defeat Autism Now!).

TACA:  Talk About Curing Autism
Supporting families with children who have autism and helping them to find effective treatments.

LIA Foundation
Educating parents about the role of lyme and coinfectors in the pathophysiology of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Support and information for parents of children with autism

Generation Rescue
Parents, scientists, researchers working to help heal children with autism