Sensory Processing Disorder Survey

We’re helping out a Masters student with her thesis on children with Sensory Processing Disorder. She’s put together an anonymous survey, and we’re asking for your help in filling it out. Her name is Meghan Bookler, and here’s what she says:


I am the mother of a 6 y.o. with SMD-SOR (Sensory Modulation Disorder) and I am so happy to have found this site. I sure could have used this site those 1st 3 years! Though I am thrilled to be here now, I also want to post my biography in case you are interested in participating in the anonymous research survey I have posted on this thread.:

I am currently writing my thesis. It is about SPD and will contribute to (my – and hopefully others!) understanding of the possible microbiome-gut-brain connection in SPD. I am happy to share any and all info as this has been a long journey for us, and we are doing so well!

Please understand these factors about the survey:

  1. It is completely anonymous.  You may email me aside from the survey if you would like to discuss anything or have any epiphanies that you must share!  [email protected]
  2. By completing the survey, you are consenting to participate in research concerning SPD for my thesis in Nutrition and Integrative Health at Maryland University of Integrative Health.
  3. These surveys are for research only and no other participation is necessary nor will any harm come to anyone involved.

THANK YOU so much for your time and willingness. This means so much to me and hopefully will contribute in some small way to supporting the SPD community!”