The Magnesium Miracle

By Carolyn Dean MD ND
As many as 80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium, which is a vital mineral for our hearts, bones, gut health, nervous system, sugar metabolism and so much more. It’s a sad fact that our soils are depleted of minerals from over-farming, non-crop rotation and heavy use of pesticides, so even if you are eating a vegetable-rich diet (one of the main sources of magnesium), you’re likely not getting near enough magnesium for optimal health. Add to that the fact that many pharmaceuticals such as painkillers, acid-reflux medication, antibiotics, diuretics and cortisone deplete magnesium as do our stressful and processed-food lifestyles. It’s no wonder, then, that magnesium is a miracle mineral, as Dr. Carolyn Dean writes about in this book.

Why Is Magnesium So Important?

Dr. Dean writes that a magnesium deficiency is linked to:

She writes that “we are operating with the power off” because magnesium gives us that spark, and perhaps that sparkle, that is so essential for so many bodily functions. As a doctor herself, she writes that “doctors are missing a huge opportunity by not making it one of their drugs of choice”.

How many symptoms of diseases and disorders can be corrected by supplementing with magnesium? Why don’t doctors prescribe magnesium? (HINT: Magnesium is not a pharmaceutical. SECOND HINT: Doctors typically learn very little, if any, nutrition in medical school.)

If you have any of the symptoms or disorders listed above, read this book to find out how such a simple thing can make such a big difference in so many of our lives.

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