Mood Disorders (Bipolar, Depression)Researchers are beginning to uncover the important role that immune and gastrointestinal health may play in the role of mood disorders such as biopolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia and others.

Like autism, mood disorders have long been understood as “brain-based,” often genetically-determined disorders best managed by psychiatrists.

In reality, these mental health diagnoses are really just symptoms of larger systemic medical problems, usually involving some element of gut dysbiosis, immune dysregulation, or mitochondrial dysfunction.

Many of these biological problems stem from certain environmental exposures.

While psychiatrists may certainly be helpful in managing these disorders, they are not necessarily trained to look for the root cause of their patient’s medical issues.

What’s more, many of the pharmaceuticals prescribed to manage these conditions may actually make the conditions worse in the long run.

A physician or healthcare provider trained in integrative or functional medicine may be able to find underlying medical issues and suggest medical protocols that will help heal these underlying systemic problems.