The Autism Exchange

The Autism ExchangeThe Autism Exchange (AEX) is a fast, user-friendly website that takes frustration out of internet searches.

  • Their mission is to connect autism parents with the information, products, and services they need to support their child to the fullest, without wasting valuable time searching the internet.
  • Their slogan is “Sharing Info Saving Time”.  They provide the capability for everyone to share information, which in turn helps all parents save time.
  • The AEX is designed to put autism-related information at your fingertips.
  • Their unique custom software organizes, standardizes, and randomly displays all AEX information which makes it easy to search and saves you lots of time. They have well over a 1,000 data streams, with 2,000 more on the way.  In addition, they have very useful interactive tools.

At the Autism Exchange, Users Can:

  • Use the interactive tools to search common autism categories, directory lists, consumer corner products, and community library articles.
  • Share information that you have with other parents through the Exchange Box.
  • Contact them with feedback and ideas you have to make The AEX better.

John Leon’s Story

“I am the father of two teenage boys with autism.

Since 2002, my wife and I have done what most autism parents do: we searched the internet, read books, participated on forums, and talked to anyone that could give us information to help our boys.

As you all know, searching for information is time consuming, exhausting, and frustrating because it is a never ending task.

In 2014, my wife got tired of me complaining about search difficulties one night and said, “You’re an engineer, Fix it!”

Well, I wasn’t thrilled about that idea, but I didn’t back down from the challenge either.

I talked to hundreds of parents and practitioners asking them what was important to them when they search.

Then I put together a small team, and we developed an online search system to incorporate those features into our site.  The result is what we call The Autism Exchange (AEX).

Our site is different than most, and we think you will find it to be very helpful.”

Website Launch

Before the Autism Exchange goes live on the internet, they would like to select a few groups of autism parents to check out the web site and kick the tires a little.

They expect the trial period (soft launch) to last a few months.

The only thing that they ask in return is that users fill out an online survey to give them feedback. They will email the survey a week or so after you login.

They want to hear what you think, so please take the survey and help them make the site better.

Once the trial period is complete, they will perform an update to the site and go live on the internet.

Please copy and paste the link below to access the login page:

The Autism Exchange looks forward to hearing from you and making The AEX a place where parents can share info and save lots of time.  Feel free to forward this to family and friends.

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