The Journey to Conscious Creation

By Nina Antolino

The Journey to Conscious CreationLet me tell you about my journey to conscious creation.

In life, millions of moments sadly pass unnoticed.

We are not awake to our experiences while they are happening.  We often walk our path habitually, building deeper grooves in our minds and reinforcing our deeply entrenched, self-limiting beliefs about who we are and what is possible.

We are pulled outside ourselves for the answers we seek, rather than trusting our inner guidance.

We vacillate between trying desperately to control everything in our life on the one hand, and completely abdicating to some outside authority on the other.

We pay attention only to that which supports our thinking and ignore any evidence that stands in contrast.

Moments That Cannot Be Ignored

But every so often there are moments that cannot be ignored.

Moments that have the power to wake you up, propel you in a new direction, help you to see your life and your Self in a new light.

Moments that challenge what you believe to be true and change you forever:  Empowering moments. Transformational moments.

Sometimes they are found in a moment of profound kindness or beauty.

Often, they are hidden within our most challenging experiences.

It is in these moments that we have the potential to discover the deeper messages and lessons of our life.

Told That I Couldn’t Conceive

At the age of 40, I was told by a reproductive endocrinologist that it would not be possible for me to conceive, even with assistance.

It was one of THE most defining moments of my life.

For months while trying to get pregnant, all of my attention was focused on what was wrong with my body, what my body wasn’t doing, why now that I was ready to get pregnant, my body wouldn’t cooperate.

My mind was creating so much stress, how could my body cooperate?  And my life had gotten so out of balance.

All I could focus on was my inability to achieve this goal.

I had gotten so caught up in worrying and wanting desperately for something to happen, that I had forgotten everything I had already learned about the mind/body connection.

As a yoga instructor and empowerment life coach, I knew about the inherent connection between body, mind, heart and spirit. But now I was being beckoned to trust in it like never before, to really live it, not just to guide others to it.

This time, it is I who really had to learn to listen and trust, perhaps for the very first time, the wisdom within.

Body, Mind and Spirit Are Inseparable

It was a reminder for me: the body, mind and spirit are inseparable and greatly influence each other.   To create wellness get back to what you know, find balance and trust your body’s wisdom.

I had sought out two other professional opinions but each reinforced the assertion that with endometriosis, my age, and an FSH of 27, pregnancy would not be possible.

In that defining moment, I woke up!

I could choose to turn my future over to that limiting belief and the scientific data and authority that supported it, or I could implement everything I had learned in my life and had been teaching my clients about the power of beliefs and our creative potential.

Many of our thoughts and beliefs are self-limiting and self-defeating and are reflected in our lives.

We live in a culture that teaches women to doubt their body’s wisdom and innate creative abilities (especially if you are over 40!).

But interestingly in places like Africa, women have children into their fifties, naturally.  (They have never been told that their bodies are too old to conceive).

I decided right then:  “I am not going to believe that it’s not possible for me.  It’s just data!”

Learning to Let Go

This experience had a message reminding me:   Believe in possibilities rather than just what science tells you.  Let go of trying to control the outcome, trust your connection to something greater and recognize your creative ability to influence and shape your life.

And so I began again to practice yoga, meditate, to pray, to set an intention and notice the flashes of intuition that would arise.

Within a few weeks through a series of synchronous events, I was led to an acupuncturist who specialized in fertility.

I was reminded of the power of breathing, releasing emotional stress, nurturing yourself, staying present  and knowing we attract into our life what most focus on with our minds.

She helped me to understand that her clients came to her not only as a last resort or an alternative to conventional methods, but also as a way to support one’s body while going through fertility treatments.  It was about creating balance.

She helped me understand the role that nutrition played and put me on a fertility diet.  She used herbs and acupuncture to address my specific imbalances.

It was then that I recognized the importance of choosing someone I trusted for such an important journey.

Equally important was that I would be a full partner in this process and no longer abdicate responsibility to anyone else for my health and well being.

Although I had been in the holistic field for a decade, this modality was new to me.   The more I learned, the more I became an advocate for myself.

A New, More Empowered Path

I was on a new, more empowered path.  It reinforced for me:  Educate yourself.  Knowledge is empowering.  Surround yourself with people that help you feel safe but be your own best advocate.

Within a few months, between changes in diet and the acupuncture, yoga and meditation, visualizations and guided imagery, emotional support and finding support and balance in my life, I was really feeling a difference in my energy level and my ability to really tune into my body’s signals.

One night, I walked into our bedroom and said to my husband, “I think I’m pregnant”.  I hadn’t even missed my cycle but I just felt it in my body, I just knew”.   The next day, my instincts were confirmed.  The call came in:  “Nina, congratulations, you are pregnant!”

I would remain a patient of the RE through my first trimester.   On the day I left the practice, I asked the RE what he thought about my “miracle” since he had told me many months ago it wasn’t possible.

He just congratulated me for being tenacious and not giving up.  And before I left his office, I simply turned to him and said “I really think it is vital that no woman ever hears ‘It’s not possible’ just because science says so.”

I spoke those words with my whole heart, mind and soul.  It was in that transformational moment that I knew I wanted to share that message with other women:  to help them to know that no matter what anyone tells them, anything is possible!

There is always something greater working on their behalf and they have the power to consciously create and shape their experience by changing their beliefs, trusting their inner wisdom and by tapping into the union of their body, mind and spirit!

On July 31, 2008, a healthy 8 lb-13oz boy, Noah Bennett (which means Peaceful, Little Blessed One) was born!  Had I believed that it wasn’t possible, my story may have had a very different ending!

Nina Antolino, BE, MBA, RYT, is the Founder and Executive Director of Limitless Potential, a consulting and coaching practice designed to empower clients to achieve their full creative potential.  She is a Certified Empowerment Life Coach and has been coaching clients locally and tele-coaching nationally since 2005.  She is a Nationally Certified Yoga Instructor since 2000  and a Strategic  Learning Consultant.   Nina’s passion and personal experience has inspired her to design Women’s Empowerment and Wellness  programs to help educate, empower and encourage women to be conscious creators of their life.  Through a mind-body-spirit approach and empowerment workshops and empowerment groups, she coaches women to find balance, trust their inner guidance, release fears and limiting beliefs, and empower them to achieve their limitless potential.  Whether contemplating/struggling with conception or wanting to create a more inspiring vision for all areas of their life, the empowerment coaching process is a powerful tool for self-transformation.

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