Are You Hijacking Your Healing?


We interviewed Marilee Nelson of Branch Basics about how exposure to toxins can be hijacking your healing.

Marilee had a “positive rebellion” after she was told by her doctor that “Your surgery was unsuccessful, you will need to go on dialysis and eventually have a kidney transplant and you will never be able to get pregnant”. She discovered that there are many things affecting our health such as the Standard American Diet (SAD) and exposures to everyday toxins; she eventually recovered her own health as well as that of her son (the “bubble boy”.)

Marilee learned that many things that seem to be an inconvenient truth are in reality an amazing opportunity.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why food issues and diets are so confusing
  • How to evaluate the toxicity of a product (hint: “non-toxic” on a label isn’t good enough)
  • How keeping something in your house unused can be the one thing that is hampering health because it contributes to the “low-level chemical soup”
  • How exposure to EMFs can prevent healing
  • How to get out of “the fear loop” because fear hijacks our health

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About Marilee Nelson

Marilee Nelson, the founder of Branch Basics, a manufacturer and retailer of non-toxic cleaning product that can replace all the toxic cleaners in your home that just got MADE SAFE certification. She has been advocating clean, natural living for almost 30 years.

After recovering the health of herself and her son, she became a dietary and environmental consultant and materials specialist. She is a go-to source for clients across the country who are chemically sensitive, chronically ill, and often given little hope for a normal life.

She works from the premise that removing immune stressors facilitates the body’s innate design to heal and that eliminating harmful chemicals from the diet and products in the home are foundational to health.

When she’s not consulting or researching for Branch Basics, Marilee enjoys the beautiful Texas Hill Country where she resides with her husband, Doug. You can find out more about her at her website


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