Holistic Dentistry


We interviewed Robert Johnson DMD about holistic dentistry, which is based on the belief that the mouth is an integral part of the entire body, and its health is supported by non-toxic, bio-compatible materials. As such, these dentists do not use mercury or other toxic dental materials such as fluoride and BPA, which are endocrine disruptors.

Holistic and/or biological dentists typically also believe that chronic health conditions may have an origin in the mouth. For example, if metal fillings are in the mouth, they can affect the flow of energy associated with that tooth to its corresponding organ or part of the body on an energy meridian. The association between dental issues and energy meridians can be seen on the National Health Integrated Associates’ meridian tooth chart. Unfortunately, western medicine doesn’t see the connection between, say, gingivitis and heart disease.

Find out how chronic and degenerative disease can be caused by toxic fillings, jawbone infection, the bite or airway problems.

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About Robert Johnson DMD

Dr. Johnson is a leading biological dentist in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. He also has a certification as a Naturopath and a degree in Integrative Medicine, both from Capital University in Washington, DC. He has extensive experience in all aspects of biological dentistry, mercury amalgam removal, ceramic implants and orthodontics. As a naturopath, he has additional training in natural health.

In his career, Dr. Johnson has formed two dental clinics, collaborated in the original formation of National Integrated Health Associates, and formed Natural Horizons Wellness Center in Fairfax, Virginia.

Robert Johnson DMD

In his quest to truly understand the connection between dental health and overall health, he has taken over 8,000 hours of continuing education and has studied with the world’s most talented dentists and health practitioners.


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