More Than a Diagnosis: TBI, Cerebral Palsy and Dyslexia


We interviewed Emily Abbott and Jessica Burdg of the Who Is Carter Foundation and The Brain Possible project about the new book, More Than a Diagnosis. Instead of focusing on what your child can’t do, have you ever wondered what they could do?

Emily and Jessica have connected with dozens of families who put blinders on to the noise of gloom and doom, of negative predictions or assumptions, of their children’s diagnoses such as:

Through their work, they have discovered stories of hope of children with these conditions. Many of these parents looked outside the box of their children’s diagnoses and tried a variety of therapies that are typically not recommended by traditional, western-medicine doctors.

However, by doing so, they have become empowered and informed by looking into non-traditional therapies such as:

These parents did not focus on “fixing” what was wrong with their children but rather on optimizing their strengths. They celebrate each thing they were told their children may never do, things that many parents take for granted. Learn more about these stories of hope and the inspiring foundation and project that these two have put their heart and soul into.

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About Emily Abbott

Emily Abbott is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Brain Possible, which is a project of the Who Is Carter Foundation. The Who Is Carter Foundation honors the memory of Emily’s son, Carter Abbott, who passed away at the age of 20 months after complications resulting from a traumatic brain injury.

Emily created The Brain Possible to provide a place where parents who are raising exceptional children with neurological conditions can come to find information and resources on alternative therapies and treatments, connect with practitioners, and also be inspired to focus on hope and possibility instead of limitations for their child.

Emily is also the Director of Creative Design for Abbott Properties, a real estate development company with properties throughout the midwest and the southeastern United States. In her spare time, she, her husband Matthew, and their children make their home in Austin, Texas, where they enjoy family hikes and mountain biking.

You can find out more about her work at her websites and

About Jessica Burdg

Jessica Burdg is a writer with a passion for personal narratives, creative nonfiction, and poetry. She is the author of More Than a Diagnosis: Stories of Hurdles, Hope, and Possibility from Parents of Children Who Are Differently-Abled. Her essays and articles have been featured in multiple magazines and anthologies, and her essay on mental health was a finalist for the 2019 Conger J. Beasley Jr. Award for Nonfiction.

She is the founder of Project Penpal ( and the editorial chair for both Who Is Carter and The Brain Possible. As are all human beings, Jessica is a work in progress. She also always has several works in progress; you can find them at

Jessica lives in the Midwest with her daughters.


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