Outsmarting Autism


We interviewed Patty Lemer about her book Outsmarting Autism, which we at Epidemic Answers call “the Bible of autism recovery” because Patty covers everything in the book. This book is the soup-to-nuts guide to everything you need to know about recovering your child from autism. Patty has been working with children and adults with autism for over 40 years, and she knows a thing or two about recovery. Please note that you will be asked to enter your email address at the 30-minute mark to finish viewing the video.

In This Webinar

In this webinar, Patty discussed total load theory, of which stress is the crux. Stress comes under six major categories:

  • Biological
  • Environmental
  • Behavioral
  • Educational
  • Physical
  • Emotional

Taken together, these stresses become what is known as the “body burden”. Removing these individual stressors allows a child’s body to heal from autism.

Patty also talked about steps to outsmart autism:

  • Step 1: Take away the bad stuff, and add back the good stuff
  • Step 2: Correct foundational issues
  • Step 3: Address sensory problems
  • Step 4: Focus on communicating, interacting, and learning
  • Step 5: Plan for the future

About Patricia S. Lemer LPC MEd

Patricia S. Lemer is a licensed professional counselor, holding a Masters of Education in counseling and learning disabilities from Boston College and a Masters in Business from Johns Hopkins University. She practiced as an educational diagnostician for over 40 years.

She was a co-founder and served as Executive Director of the international non-profit organization Developmental Delay Resources (DDR). After DDR merged with Epidemic Answers, she became Chairman of the Board. When she retired from the board, she became an emeritus board member.

Patricia Lemer MEd LPC

She is the author of three books, the most recent of which is Outsmarting Autism, Updated and Expanded: Build Healthy Foundations for Communication, Socialization, and Behavior at All Ages (North Atlantic Books, 2019).

Lemer wrote over 50 editorials for "New Developments," the quarterly newsletter of Developmental Delay Resources (DDR), from 1995 - 2009. When DDR wound down, she wrote an online blog, "After the Diagnosis, Then What?" from 2009-2017. Her articles and blogs have been updated and archived on the Epidemic Answers website.

Since 2019, Patricia Lemer has recorded a bimonthly podcast, "The Autism Detective." In these hour-long shows, she interviews parents and professionals about their experiences in maximizing the potential of individuals on the autism spectrum. Over 100 episodes are available on Spotify and other online platforms. To learn more, go to PatriciaLemer.com and OutsmartingAutism.com


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