Practical Reflex Integration for Every Body


We interviewed Eve Kodiak – musician, educator, healer and writer – about practical reflex integration for every body on and off the spectrum. Eve discussed practical, do-it-yourself-at-home exercises for primitive reflex integration.

Children with neurodevelopmental disorders typically have retained primitive reflexes that prevent proper social, emotional, gross-motor, fine-motor and academic development. Examples of neurodevelopmental disorders are autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, dyslexia, learning disabilities, apraxia/dyspraxia and developmental delays.

Eve emphasized the importance of music and sound in proper neurodevelopment. She also talked about movements that can calm the body and brain, leading to better behavior and social outcomes.

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About Eve Kodiak MM

Eve Kodiak MMEve provides Brain Gym®, craniosacral therapy and sound healing services at the Lydian Center for Innovative Healthcare in Cambridge, MA. She holds a license in Educational Kinesiology and degrees from Harvard University and the New England Conservatory of Music. She has combined her professional interests in music and developmental movement into a modality she calls SOUND INTELLIGENCE.

Eve frames all of her work within the form of a “Brain Gym® balance.” This educational framework involves setting a goal with the client, and then achieving it through neurologically directed movement. “Movement” is a broad category, and Eve Kodiak’s clients may find themselves engaged in a variety of activities – from lying on the massage table receiving Craniosacral Therapy, to experiencing the vibrations of tuning forks in perfect Pythagorean fifths, to moving though infant reflex patterns, to improvising on the piano, to drawing or building with blocks, to simply talking.

The path of each healing session is as individual as each person’s life.


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